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Track Of The Day #428: The Hare And The Moon – Come Unto The Corn




Now this is beautifully chilling, prized from an imminent ‘The Grey Malkin’ set for reverb worship this is The Hare and the Moon, info alas is a little sketchy at the moment but we are suspecting that this comes in limited cassette and CD variations and may well prove to be the first truly awe inspiring release of the new year.

In short the best thing we’ve heard, matched in the haunting after glow and exquisitely detailed timeless weird folk craft that oozes through the very being of the much adored Preterite and trimmed with the mercurial weave of the much missed Dead can dance albeit as though on location in some creepy early 70’s Brit folk horror. Elements of Komeda waft through the ether, deadheaded lullabies usher their dark disturbia whilst an eerie procession of monastic chants and siren-esque shivers engage upon a witching hour dance. Add to the mix guest appearance by Sol Invictus and god’s little Eskimo types and you have yourself a spectral spook folk sonic séance of some measure.

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