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Great Britpop Songs #9: Dodgy – ‘In A Room’

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Although they are best known for the sunny smash hits ‘Good Enough’ and ‘Staying Out For The Summer’, there are many different sides and uncovered elements to be found in Dodgy’s music. A lot of people think that they were just another Britpop group who followed on after Blur, Oasis and Suede, but that is wildly far from the truth, in fact Dodgy were gigging around the country in the early 90’s at the same time as the aforementioned three, and were actually supported at a couple of gigs by Oasis. After releasing three magnificent albums, Dodgy fell apart following the departure of frontman Nigel Clark in 1998 and attempted to continue with a new line up. But replacing one member with three new ones didn’t really thrill fans too much, and the ill fated five-piece Dodgy didn’t last long. Luckily after nearly a decade, the original trio got back together and have been wowing audiences ever since with amazing performances and a wonderful comeback album in the form of 2012’s ‘Stand Upright In A Cool Place’ (which you can read a review of HERE). 

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