Preview - Jonny Greenwood and LCO, 23rd February - Wapping Hydraulic Power Station 1

Preview – Jonny Greenwood and LCO, 23rd February – Wapping Hydraulic Power Station

Jonny by Colin 2010[1][1]


Jonny Greenwood, widely known for being Radiohead’s lead guitarist, has magnificently landed himself on the same map these days as the illustrious Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore and more relevantly, Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind. After recently composing the score for Paul Thomas Anderson’s most recent feature, The Master, starring the late Philip Seymour-Hoffman, whom we are still mourning, he has plausibly propelled his solo career with five feature scores now under his belt.

As a loyal Radiohead fan, I recall moving to London many moons ago, not long after his first attempt of working with the great Paul Thomas Anderson, and the film, There Will Be Blood, was on general release. Wilfully, we witnessed the London Contemporary Orchestra perform the score within the confines of St Luke’s Cathedral in Old Street. Now it was the consensus among us that they substantiated Greenwood’s fine artistry, beefing out an acclaimed piece of writing, which contained sections of his classically-composed Popcorn Superhet Receiver. There was no guessing that this would be case; they are the highly-sought London Contemporary Orchestra.

Now, it would appear that the people of London are yet again in store for a marvellous treat, which sits on the side of oblique, abstract yet cinematically wonderful. Continuing his relationship with these interpreters of contemporary repertoire, on 23rd February at this inimitable venue, the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Radiohead’s guitarist will be performing alongside the LCO soloists.

With a further two film scores added to the programme, culminating cues from the award-winning There Will Be Blood OST, Norwegian Wood and the most current, The Master, it seems that the concert will be on a much grander, epic scale than was beheld more than five years ago.

It may well be the case that this solo gig will lend itself to somewhat of a Jonny Greenwood curriculum vitae but there is a whole cult-following of Radiohead fans that would not be disappointed with a glance at the artist’s credentials. The fact that he will also be performing this time, guitar, keyboard and the more distinctive, early electronic Ondes Martenot, should get fans excited. The mere prospect of him not only performing cues of his own scores but also referencing some classical greats such as Henry Purcell, J.S. Bach and contemporary British composer Edmund Finnis, should get Radiohead and classical enthusiasts abundantly piling in through the doors of this rare concert venue.

The Wapping Hydraulic Power Station was originally a steam-operated power station in use in the 19th Century, and has gone through several transitions before reopening as an arts exhibition space in the seventies. Still retaining some of its key authentic features including the engine house, water house and tank, the industrialised establishment will certainly render this already-enticing gig a must-see.

LCO Hugh Brunt (Roundhouse) © Atherton-Chiellino (1)

Curated by both Greenwood, and the LCO’s artistic directors, Hugh Brunt and Robert Ames, this is a programme of music which should surely get not only Radiohead fans’ tongues twitching but should also draw in the keen classical listeners, and cinephiles. This melting pot of new Greenwood opuses, cues from his prolific cinematic compositions, all underlying acclaimed and award-deserving performances, and also perform arrangements from the greats, Bach, Purcell and Finnis, should surely satisfy cravings, and broaden the appeal. Paving the way for a fantastic spectacle, these extraordinary tickets will no doubt be snatched up in the coming week or so leading up to the gig, as this type of curating is viably going to be that of the infrequent.

Tickets can be booked via this link for this one-off performance on 23rd February at 7:30pm:

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