Shine (Again): A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s - Side A 4

Shine (Again): A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s – Side A

britpopmonthplain This February we ran a series of pieces on BritPOP  as both a celebration and a reappraisal of the wave of new British music that was just making its mark 20 years ago this year. To round off this period we asked for submissions to an original compilation of covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s. Today we present to you the tracklisting to this compilation’s first side, featuring Various Artists clever and affectionate reinterpretations of acts such as Catch, Sleeper, Edwyn Collins, the Auteurs, Kenickie, The Stone Roses, Dubstar, Babybird Shed Seven and Suede. Entitled fittingly Shine (Again) the stream to Side A will be released next week. If you have a submission to Side B the deadline is May 1st email [email protected] if you want to get involved!

“20 years on and with a slew of reissues, reformations and books about the period daubed ‘Britpop’ we at GIITTV devoted entire month to the era. A ‘so called’ movement that inspired a media created genre that wrapped itself proudly in the flag,  at time when tunes as disparate as Massive Attack‘s ‘Teardrop’ , Whitetown‘s ‘Your Woman’ , Underworld‘s ‘Born Slippy’ and The Longpigs ‘She Said’ were pumping on your stereo.

The truth is Britpop inspired as much as it conformed, it became a cliched flagwaving bandwagon as much as it produced brilliant albums, and some kid some where is probably putting on Dummy, Dog Man Star, and Everything Must Go and being inspired all over again. It was a brief few years when bands with something to say and give, were let in, gatecrashing Top of the pops and the higher end of the charts, what would have been considered ‘indie’ in the 1980s became mainstream and in many cases keeled over drunk on success, twattishness and cocaine.

Yes time can rose tint our spectacles, as we often remember the music we first fell in love with when we were young most fondly. But because and despite of everything:  BRITPOP was gloriously contradictory, fucked up  at times brilliant at times rubbish but impossible to ignore. ” 

Tracklist Side A 

1. Bingo (Catch) – Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band

2. What Do I Do Now? (Sleeper) – The Dom Green Mystery Machine

3. Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins) – James Cook

4. She Left Me On Friday (Shed Seven) – The Bright Ones

5. Love Spreads (The Stone Roses) – Jimmy Lapworth of Rosetta Fire

6. Stars (Dubstar) – Theoretical Girl

7. Bad Blood (Babybird) – Quiet Marauder

8. BAILED OUT (The Auteurs) – Ghost Carriage Phantoms

9. People We Want (Kenickie) – Rob Britton

10. Dolly (Suede) – Animal Nitwits

As a teaser today we are premièring Ghost Carriage Phantoms’ cover of The Auteurs ‘Bailed Out’ from the forthcoming compilation and an accompanying EP from the outfit: Check out more info here:

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