PREVIEW: Shield Patterns – ’Dust Hung Heavy’

PREVIEW: Shield Patterns – ’Dust Hung Heavy’



Forthcoming on the rather wonderful Gizeh imprint is the debuting full length from Shield Patterns entitled ‘Contour Lines’. Shield Patterns pair together the enviable talents of Claire Brentnall and Richard Knox, a collaborative project taking root in 2012 it has since then assumed a graceful maturity and the kind of quietly epic song craft that puts many bands and musicians ploughing similar territories in the shade.  Here’s the teaser single ’Dust Hung Heavy’ an utterly enchanting experience that tip toes in and out of unworldly shadowy twilights murmured upon a fragile framing of sepia set noir minimalist electronics and seductive ghost light glacial folk apparitions traced upon a finite and bruised neo classicist schooling, which all said should find itself serving as an affectionate ally to that recent set thawed by Snowbird.

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