Drug Church – The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, London, 6th of May 2014

The jury’s still out on what type of band Drug Church is. Hardcore? Punk-rock? Alt? According to DC’s wiry frontman, Patrick Kindlon, “we’re nualt”, which, while eliciting a chuckle or two from the crowd, does little to help their booking agent, who is apparently torn between trying to get them gigs with mainstream metal acts such as Five Finger Deathpunch, and – ahem – Deez Nuts. “I get the impression you don’t wanna see us touring with anyone,” quips Kindlon, before launching into another scorching hardcore-punk-rock-nualt number.

Er, are you shitting me? I’d go and see these guys if they were supporting Sam Bailey. (Please, someone make this happen). For now, though, I – and the fifty-odd other punters packed into the Old Blue Last’s upstairs chamber on this muggy Tuesday evening in May – must make do with a thirty-minute set that showcases all but a couple of the ten tracks from last year’s superb ‘Paul Walker’ LP.

Kindlon comes across as affable and articulate; however, the moment the opening chords of ‘Reading YouTube Comments’ ring out, he’s an extended electric shock in human form, immediately transitioning into a ferocious, flailing mass of hair and limbs. Behind him, the rest of the band is as tight as a nun’s cunt, focusing very much on the business at hand and leaving their singer to banter with the audience between songs (“Rites of Spring? No, it’s a Seaweed rip-off…”). Kindlon’s lyrics are occasionally lost in the noise, which is a bit of a pity ‘cos he’s penned some absolute gems, but seeing as these are songs written and recorded to be played loud, Drug Church is nothing if not true to their word when it comes to delivering them live.

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