TRACKLIST; Shine (Again): A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s – Side B


In April we released ‘Shine (Again)’ an original compilation of covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s, featuring Various Artists clever and affectionate reinterpretations of acts from the period.Today we present to you the tracklisting for this compilation’s second side,, the stream will be released on Monday as a teaser we give you Gum‘s version of Oasis’s Shakermaker:

Shine (Again): A Compilation of Covers of British Pop Songs from the 1990s – Side B
1. Gum – Shakermaker(Oasis)
2. [email protected] Piece of Me([email protected])
3. You The Living – Asphalt World(Suede)
4. Christian Jegard – Britpop Superstar(Nilon Bombers)
5. Location Baked – Commercial Break(Blur)
6. Bomar Faery (Faerground Accidents)- Babies (Pulp)
7. LostCAT – Nothing Lasts Forever (Echo and the Bunnymen)
8.Nice Boys – 2 Become 1 (Spice Girls)


“Yes time can rose tint our spectacles, as we often remember the music we first fell in love with when we were young most fondly. But because and despite of everything: BRITPOP was gloriously contradictory, fucked up at times brilliant at times rubbish but impossible to ignore. “

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