Track of The Day #556  HUGH – I Can’t Figure You Out

Track of The Day #556 HUGH – I Can’t Figure You Out

Based in South London, HUGH bring together a blend of warm samples and synths, in their spoken-sung pop songs of understated drama. A delicate synthesis of references, in textured r&b, deep house and the 80ʼs synth-pop.

The beating heart of this electro-pop outfit is the partnership of friends Andy Highmore and Joshua Idehen. A chance meeting in a London bar found the two discussing their mutual appreciation of Beach Houseʼs reverbs, Grizzly Bearʼs barbershop harmonies and the 90ʼs brilliance of Soul || Soul. With Joshua as prime songwriter and vocals and Andy focused on production and keyboard, the two fused their combined musical knowledge and experience to form HUGH. After recording their first demo ‘I Can Be Your Light’, they recruited friend Martin ʻTinoʼ Kolarides for guitar followed by singer Izzy Brooks lending her enchanting vocals to complete the band.

The video for ‘I Can’t Figure You Out’ is a beautiful, luxurious viewing that complements the song perfectly. Izzy is probably one of my favourite vocalists at the moment, the sultry break at the end of the track is definitely a highlight. I expect big things from HUGH [posh name or not] Watch this space.

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