Seven Impale - City of the Sun

Seven Impale – City of the Sun

A group of musicians from Bergen in Norway joined forces to put a spin on what they want to hear with prog rock and give what many bands have given them. Since their inception and release of EP Beginning/Relieve the six piece jazz prog rock band Seven Impale are ready to make waves in the music scene.

This début album City of the Sun, by a fledgling band led by Stian Okland vocalist and guitarist backed by a sax sound that protrudes ear drums with sensitivity and calmness before the storm. ‘Oh, My Gravity!’  A ten minute opener that’s slow to start, unless you’ve heard these guys before, if you haven’t then stick to it, you will be amazed to what you hear.

Ten Minutes of an amalgamation of musical skills that can sound like a crazy impromptu session. But in fact it’s an educated mature sound of six guys who know exactly what they’re doing. ‘Oh, My Gravity!’ Is a great start to the future of Seven Impale and the beginning of City of the Sun.

Wind Shears’ begins with a jazz promo, Benjamin Wilderoe plays a beautiful sax that is spreading across a funk laden drum beat by Fredrink Wilderoe. These guys prove that Scandinavia have the utmost potential and striving talent when it comes to playing rock music and especially prog rock. Inspiration from the likes of King Crimson and anything Mike Patton touches has that spontaneous feel to it.

Guitar riffs, from Stian Okland and Erlend Vottvik matched by Tormod Fosso on bass, ‘Extraction’ the penultimate track bleeds sax enchantment with Oklands’ strong vocals that are adaptable and variable. Moving to ‘God Left Us For A Black Dressed Woman’ is appealing and haunting with much happening that makes this an experience.

A jazz jam session to all out metal guitar riffs that Seven Impale show how much talent Norway have, not only with these guys but also Electric Woodland, Wardruna and Röyksopp to name just a few.

The future is bright, the future is in Bergen. Check out below a video of a practise session.

Track Listing.

  1. Oh, My Gravity!
  2. Wind Shears
  3. Eschaton Horo
  4. Extraction
  5. God left us for a Black Dressed Woman

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Seven Impale – Soundcloud 

Seven Impale – Twitter


Band Members

  • Fredrik Mekki Widerøe- Drums
  • Erlend Vottvik Olsen- Guitar
  • Stian Økland- Vocal & Guitar
  • Tormod Fosso- Bass
  • Benjamin Mekki Widerøe- Saxophone
  • Håkon Vinje- Keys

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