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Kramies – Wooden Heart EP

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One of the finest releases to appear on the adored Hidden Shoal imprint in recent times (and believe me there have been many to choose from) was a rather beguiled outing from the Kramies entitled ‘Wooden Heart’ – a six track EP no less which is being made available for a very limited time for free to download – and we suggest you do just that.

Why should I? You might rightly question – well simply because amid these six delicately demurred treats there’s a sense of finite craftsmanship and a peerless pop brain at work that’s metered out to a song vocabulary that’s steeled in sensitivity and cradled in tenderness. In addition though we’d find it hard to believe you needed further encouragement, the EP features a rare guest appearance by Grandaddy man Jason Lytle.

As to the sounds within, simply something else, statuesque, fragile and deeply touching, here you’ll find the dream dipped porcelain poise lushly serenading ‘wooden heart’ spirits together the collective artistry of both The Crimea and Mirror Mirror while the fragile yearnful crush of ‘Sea Otter Cottage’ mines deep the heartbreak of Julian Lennon’s ‘Saltwater’. Somewhere else ‘Upon the Northern Isles’ is gracefully wrapped in a sepia trimmed spectral gauzing all delicately hollowed in an ethereal carefree hush all framed in a humbling and stilled widescreen aspect. All said dreamy, demurring and emotionally destroying. You can download the EP from here –


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