Great Underrated albums #1 David Bowie: Lodger

David Bowie‘s Lodger has always stood in the shadows in terms of his so- called Berlin trilogy; languishing behind Low and Heroes in the critical stakes, and undeservedly so, as to my ears sounds at least it sounds the freshest and most contemporary to this day. Blur‘s M.O.R from their self titled 1997 album is clearly a total rip off of ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ the fantastic lead single from Lodger and blatantly so, still if you’re going to crib a tune, crib from the best. Here’s the proof.

Brian Eno was fresh out of the studio after working with Talking Heads and the similarities between the two are there but so much besides, possessing a strong African influence years before ‘Graceland‘ topped charts worldwide and popularized world music. ‘African Night Flight’ even sounds like early Hot Chip for Christ sakes!!
The reason it wasn’t massively successful on release was partly due to being in the shadow of ‘Low’ and ‘”Heroes”‘ but also, in hindsight, the simple fact that it was clearly three decades ahead of its time. Bowie’s most complex album?! Maybe his most rewarding overall? Definitely!!!

Wonderfully strange but funky as hell and way ahead of its time, Lodger is well overdue reappraisal and rewards further listens, giving away more of its secrets with every passing year. A true multi faceted masterpiece. This Lodger is welcome to stay in my house as long as it likes as it is the gift that keeps on giving and is never boring, complacent or short of revelations. Let it lodge in your heart and feel the love grow.




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