Best Ever Nosebleed - Little Ships EP

Best Ever Nosebleed – Little Ships

Sometimes when you go out for dinner, you fancy trying something you’ve never had before, the risk is greater, but the potential reward surpasses any nostalgia you revel in when trying something that you’re familiar with. The majority of the time however, you’re sick of disappointment in your life and don’t think you can handle any more, so would rather the safety net of what you know than to take the risk. Though sometimes when you order a burger, you happen to get a burger that tastes so god damn good you don’t give a shit if you’ve had more burgers than you’ve had hot dinners (wait…) as each mouthful is just delicious.

Best Ever Nosebleed are a burger, and a bloody tasty one to boot. Anyone familiar with Yo La Tengo, Pavement, Sebadoh and the plethora of ‘90s guitar bands who occupied that melodic, heartfelt space won’t come to this EP and wonder what wizardry made it possible, but they will listen and go “hey, this is really good and it’s making me hungry”. Opening song ‘Too Long’ sounds like one of Yo La Tengo’s finer moments, ticking every recording box that makes you believe it couldn’t possibly be less than fifteen years old with distorted vocals and a mini fuzzbox guitar solo. The simple yet catchy melody reminds me of the little known Dealership gem ‘Your Dumb’ in its twee succinctness.

You could almost imagine Lou Barlow is singing ‘August Can’t Come Soon Enough’ a song I like to think is about my birthday since it’s in August, but it’s almost certainly having nothing to do with me at all. None the less, if it’s a sunny day and I’m sitting outside with a lemonade, I would very much like this song to be playing. Well done song.

Closing out this short EP is the downbeat ‘Double Nephewed’, giving us some reflection time despite having not even breached the ten minutes mark. “I’ve got a sad sad sad sad sad sad story to tell” sings the singer (whatever the hell his name is, let’s call him Alan) with the subtlety of Steve Albini and sure enough it is a sad little number closing out this EP in a way Weezer’s Pinkerton knows too well.

This is a wonderful little EP that makes me hungry for more from this Norwich three piece. It takes you to a warm place, making you remember happier times, back when things were simple and fun. If only things were that easy and I wasn’t so fat now from eating so many burgers. Dear god why won’t I stop.

Little Ships EP is available now on Bandcamp.

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