NEWS: Trummor & Orgel UK mini-tour

NEWS: Trummor & Orgel UK mini-tour

Trummor & OrgelWhat is it about Scandinavia and its ability to produce vibrant and exciting music? Maybe it’s the Northern Lights, prolonged periods of darkness, or just the sheer beauty of the countries, but they’ve always managed to create something slightly different. Trummor & Orgel are no exception.

Since their inception in 2003 Trummor & Orgel (‘Drums and Organ’ in Swedish) have released six albums. The music contained runs the gambit of jazz, experimental lounge, psychedelia, prog rock, electronica, pop, soundtrack and straight up rock. This year saw the release of Hope and Dreams, a mini album, in which the duo broaden their sound due to the phenomenal Stockholm Strings appearing. The result is something that manages to mix jazz, electronica, psychedelia and somehow give it a pop sheen that is nigh on impossible to ignore.

No one knows for sure what Trummor & Orgel will do next, but their immediate future is extremely exciting, as it sees them headline their first UK tour. They will play three successive dates:

10th December – Manchester Islington Mill
11th December – London Unit-4 (tickets on the door)
12th December – Bristol Golden lion (free show)

Giving the size of these venues and the band’s cult status, these dates should become instant classics and stand in the laurels of rock history, alongside Dylan in 1966, Sex Pistols in 1976 and Rage Against the Machine 2010, giving anyone who goes the license to always say “I was there. I saw Trummor & Orgel on their first UK tour”. This is a rare chance to see this unorthodox band on home soil.

Manchester show tickets are available via Fat Out’s Burrow.

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