NEWS: Floating Points shares new song ‘For Marmish Part II’

NEWS: Floating Points shares new song ‘For Marmish Part II’

Following the release of his critically acclaimed album Eleania, Sam Shepherd – better known as electronic artist Floating Points – is already gearing up to release a new EP, Kuiper, on 5th August via Pluto.  Having already shared the title track of the new collection, he’s now revealed a new song, ‘For Marmish Part II.’  Spanning nearly quarter of an hour, it’s a blissful, chilled experience that gradually introduces a variety of jazz overtones, percussion and synths to its looping, hypnotic base.  Listen below.

Speaking of the EP, Shepherd commented: “I want to share this music because both sides reflect in two tracks where I was right at the start of the Elaenia project, right up to now – post LP release, playing live and going on the road with a band.  I hope – like I feel – people will find a common strand in the hypnotic nature of both tracks.”

Floating Points is playing at Bluedot Festival in Cheshire tomorrow (Saturday 23rd July).

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