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Track Of The Day #1006: .DXF – Your Eyes [EXCLUSIVE]



.DXF are young French electronic producer Keight and negative folk duo My Friend Is, and we have the premiere of their second single, ‘Your Eyes.’ It fuses elements of electronica, RnB, and hip-hop, and threads it with sinuous vocal melodies and smothers it in hazy guitars. It’s an otherworldly yet affecting mix of the past and present.

dxf is a file format readable by all software that stands for Drawing eXchange Format, so it’s a fitting name for a collaborative project whose identity stretches across multiple musical backgrounds. Featuring Red Bull Music Academy alumnus Keight and self-proclaimed “negative folk” duo My Friend Is, their sounds have melded into a fascinating bricolage of genres.

‘Your Eyes’ 
is the follow-up to ‘Efira’ – an experimental audiovisual experience that served as .dxf’s debut single. Both tracks come from .dxf’s forthcoming debut EP which is slated for an April 28th release date.

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