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Track Of The Day #1015: Attic Choir – shHAarp

Attic Choir

A good debut single should read like a manifesto. Edinburgh trio Attic Choir do exactly this with the first track they have produced, ‘shHAarp’.

Over the course of five and a half minutes, it starts out (very briefly) sounding like electronica, before going into math-rock in the vein of Shellac. It then continues in this way, whilst melding that peculiarly Scottish melancholia, in this case, Mogwai and Biffy Clyro, as that Caledonian epic-ness shoots past the moon for the stars (with apologies to Bette Davis). When the track is over, it’s almost impossible not to hit play again.

The trio, Andrew Wright (Guitar and Vocals),  Evan Hamilton (Bass and Vocals), and Dillion Kennedy (Drums) may still be in their infancy, but there’s a helluva lot of promise here. Catch their live slots while you can still see the whites of their eyes.






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