Egopusher 038
Egopusher, Portrait, Backstage, Tobias Preisig, Alessandro Gianelli, Überjazz Festival 2015, Hamburg

EXCLUSIVE: Egopusher ‘Patrol’ Video Premiere

Egopusher are an electronica duo, featuring violinist Tobias Preisig and drummer Alessandro Giannelli, based between Zurich and Berlin. They are releasing their new single Patrol a symphony of electronic and post rock textures, on the 10th of May. It’s accompanied by a short film by director Ioannis Sochorakis and director of photography Sharif Ibrahim, and we have the premiere watch it above.

Emerging from the Swiss scene with fellow bands of ever-increasing international recognition, such as Lord Kesseli & The Drums and One Sentence. Supervisor, Egopusher mix up psychedelic electronica and experimental art music.Their live performances fuses, danceable electronic music with modern classical melodies and experimental textures.

Egopusher created the first version of Patrol in the studio while recording their first EP in 2015. It came out of a classic Egopusher magic moment – Alessandro programmed the synth arpeggio in a free moment, and Tobias spontaneously improvised the violin melody straight off-the-cuff. The track then developed over many live performances into its current form. As Tobias says “that’s the reason why we do music together. We don’t have to speak too much about it. It often just happens”. This is what makes Egopusher such a fantastic band, they have the musical dexterity to move between studio recording and live improvisation, and find a way to capture the live energy and spontaneity in the studio recordings, and bring a visceral power and nuanced textural depth to the live performances.

On the subject of the enigmatic video that accompanies Patrol, director Ioannis Sochorakis says “Egopusher’s music is so cinematic and the fact that it is instrumental, inspires storytelling. The challenge was to find a story with a narrative open to interpretation, as free and also as climactic as the song. Thus, a film trailer format was chosen, which gives the energy of a story without taking you from A to B”.

The band formed after the duo met playing for legendary Swiss artist Dieter Meier from the band Yello. They hit it off musically and started jamming together in the rehearsal room and in the studio. The initial coming together led to their 2015 self-titled EP. The band have performed across Europe and in China and shared stages with artists such as Nicolas Godin from Air. Being partly based in Berlin, the duo have been making waves on the electronic scene there, and recently performed at Berghain Kantine. Tobias is famed for his work with luminaries such as Colin Stetson and The Cinematic Orchestra.

With reference to their fusing of violin and drums with electronics, Alessandro says that they are “trying to find a new musical language that is so strong that the nature of our individual instruments becomes lost in the fusion of the music that we are making. It’s about our personalities communicating”.

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