NEWS: Vessels reveal ‘Mobilise’ from new LP

NEWS: Vessels reveal ‘Mobilise’ from new LP

Vessels have revealed ‘Mobilise’, the brilliant trance like rhythms of the opening track and third cut to be taken from their new album The Great Distraction, which is due for release on 29 September via Different Recordings. Listen here:

Speaking about ‘Mobilise’ to XLR8R, the band say: “’Mobilise’ feels like the heart of the album and the band. It has an energy that captures everything we’re about with its locking polyrhythms and sense of yearning – full hope and melancholy. We definitely get the shivers when we play it live, and the bliss out section in the middle is a highlight of the set.”

The Great Distraction is a evolution in Vessels’ musical history, featuring collaborations with The Flaming Lips, John Grant, Vincent Neff (Django Django) and Katie Harkin (Sky Larkin).


01. Mobilise
02. Deflect The Light (feat. The Flaming Lips)
03. Position
04. Radiart
05. Deeper In A Sky (feat. Harkin)
06. Gløwer
07. Trust Me (feat. Vincent Neff)
08. Everyone Is Falling
09. Radio Decay
10. Erase The Tapes (feat. John Grant)

Live Dates

Aug 17 – Selfridges – London, UK
Sep 30 – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, UK
Oct 3 – Sticky Mike’s – Brighton, UK
Oct 4 – Village Underground – London UK
Oct 5 – Soup Kitchen – Manchester, UK
Oct 6 – Club Ifor Bach – Cardiff, UK
Oct 7 – Art School – Glasgow, UK
Oct 14 – Batofar – Paris, FR
Oct 18 – ADE – Amsterdam, NL
Oct 19 – Rotown – Rotterdam, NL
Oct 20 – Het Bos – Antwerp, BE
Oct 26 – Prince Charles – Berlin, DE
Oct 27 – Kleiner Döner – Hamburg, DE
Oct 28 – Artheater – Cologne, DE
Nov 1 – Razzmatazz – Barcelona, ES
Nov 2 – Siroco – Madrid, ES

Watch the video for ‘Deflect The Light’ (feat. The Flaming Lips):

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5 thoughts on “NEWS: Vessels reveal ‘Mobilise’ from new LP

  1. Dear Wild Eye, please report to the Official Cloning Centre, leaving your details of what to listen to, what not to listen to, what to eat, what not to eat, what to watch, what not to watch etc etc.
    We are presently in the process of shaping a selection of humanoid robots with identical tastes, before destroying the human race, which is clearly outdated with this ridiculous notion of “personal views.”

    1. Dear Lol, I am not sure that I would wish to eliminate “personal views”. After all we need to reduce global population levels and surely 100,00 fucking radiohead fans in one stadium all at the same time is the sort of thing that needs to happen (seconds) before the cull starts in earnest. Short of individually knocking on the doors of people who put up Tory election posters or asking everyone who thinks facebook is great to meet at the bottom of beachy head I can’t think of a better way to get the numbers down without eliminating too many desirables. I hate the whole “FFO” thing, but maybe when you’re going to mention Flaming Lips in the review then putting FFO Flaming Lips at the top really would save wasted reading time for those who have taste.

      As an aside (and this is absolutely true, I promise) I recently acquired a small box of CDs that I had no interest in and stuck them on ebay. I asked £5 including p and p and saw what happened. Amongst others I managed to sell 21 by Adele, The Darkness – Last Of Our Kind, and Keep the Village Alive by Stereophonics. I took the Flaming Lips CD to a charity shop yesterday having failed to get any biters over the course of three month-long listings.

  2. “please put the Flaming Lips and John Grant connection in the first sentence to save me the bother of reading the piece.” So you would judge a band purely on their associations before listening to their music?

    1. Absolutely. I have been listening to music for decades now and a new band is either going to be judged against Spacemen 3, Pet Shop Boys, Stooges, UR, Aphex Twin, Scientist, Rocket From The Tombs, Black Flag, Reolacements, Skinny Girl Diet, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, or I am gonna go see them in a local venue in front of 10 to 60 people.

      Any band that are in any way reminiscent of the Flaming Lips are horrid.

      I love psychedelic music, but to be honest there were only about 3 good 1960s psychedelic bands, none in the 70s, one in the 80s, none since the 80s, so the chances of a new band that sound even vaguely psychedelic appealing to me is tiny.

      Normally when bands are described as like my favourite bands I hate them – they are a bit reminiscent but not as good so why bother with them? Band who are a bit like bands I hate are more likely to sound horrid to my ears.

      If you want me to check a band out tell me they sound urgent, passionate, new. Tell me about their attitudes and their politics and their inspirations; tell me why they think I should listen to them. Tell me that they will surprise me, that they are like nothing before, or mash up two things in such a refreshing way that they are uncharacterisable. Or tell me that they’re fucking noisy and I can go check ’em out in a pub 10 minute’s walk from where I line.

      A couple of nights ago I was going through a couple of old issues of Louder Than War… most of the bands covered give me no reason to be interested…the majority of the ones that did sound like they were worth checking out weren’t.

      I have high standards, most music is fucking shit. I have not got time to listen to most music. If you dress like Public Service Broadcasting, or sound like Newsome but toned down (one good thing is how easy it is to dismiss 50% of modern records after 0.75 seconds of the vocal), or can be filed under americana, or are a post S3 band with an element of psychedelia the chances are you are horrific.

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