Tracks Of The Week: #25/08

Tracks Of The Week: #25/08

Welcome to the first installment of Tracks Of The Week, collecting our favourite seven new tracks to appear in our inbox this week, essentially it’s a bite-size guide of the new music we recommend you listen to! So enjoy our first handy seven track selection of fresh sounds!

Son of Dave‘Daddy Was A Wolfman’: As playful as the record seems, it’s not solely made up jovial jitterbug jive. Quite the contrary, if you pay attention, for the song clearly has a social conscience: “Blame it on the government/You blame it on me/You blame it on the immigrant/You won’t take responsibility that your daddy was a wolfman.”


Sink Ya Teeth‘Glass’: At 2 minutes and 45 seconds, ‘Glass’ can never be accused of outstaying its welcome but there is a refreshing naivety at play here which has already got me fixated and salivating at the prospect of East Anglia becoming the new Chicago.

‘Cherry Pie’: This could be the soundtrack to the new series of GBOB as written by Hansel and Gretel creators The Brothers Grimm. Oozing with an alluring, spiky, unsettling yet somehow delightful atmosphere.

Man Without Country
‘Lion Mind’: Lushly decorated in ambient electronic embellishments and features the airy vocals of Finnish singer-songwriter SANSA.

‘Mess of Wires’: a relentless assault of jagged noisy guitars and robust powerful dreams.


Vessels – ‘Mobilise’: Brilliant trance like rhythms of the opening track and third cut to be taken from their new album The Great Distraction.


Happy Hollows‘On The Wave’: Synths spin like the London eye in the night sky, it’s super and invigorating, ripe with lyrics life about letting go and overcoming that fear.

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