Spielbergs – Distant Star (By The Time It Gets Dark)

Indie rock has dropped its significant charm over the years. Many bands started out as indie enthusiasts but then moved away into pop territories. Although this decline has been happening for a long time, there’s a band of indie revivalists in the form of Oslo’s Spielbergs. This band are opening the shades and are a glimmer of hope, an act constructing diverse songs which truly excite.
Their atmospheric sound triggers a sense of optimism when pessimism’s darkness is surrounding everything at the moment. We live in a world struck by evil and depression, but Spielberg’s EP – Distant Star – gives us a chance to relax before the storm hits again. And the EP is filled with 5 songs brilliantly composed and formidable in execution. They’re all magnificent and infectious, sending shock-waves through the brittle exterior of indie rock. The arrangements have also been put in place with incredible intricacy, the vocals are beneath but not fading out, the instrumentals are glorious. From the get go, you’ll seek this sound, you’ll fall deeply into its fascinating aura. Guiding us through the sound are a band connecting the dots purely, an outfit crafting something completely different, and that’s an infusion we need.

Distant Star starts loud. ‘We Are All Going To Die‘ is a blitz of indie rock blasting atmospheric hooks. It is a gratifying opening to such a wonder. ‘Ghost Boy‘ begins beautifully, like a melodic heart-puller bound in sweet serenity. The guitars ache to be played, the drums add a decisive beat, and the vocals are there like a tinge of joy. Distant Star is a more upbeat offering, volatile, and created for you to rock your head. Lyrically, we’re offered a more poetic story.

Spielbergs are a band proudly executing songs of truth. Their sound is restoring indie rock bit by bit, piece by piece. If we had more bands doing this, then the genre would beam healthily.


Distant Star EP is released on 27th April through By The Time It Gets Dark.

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