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PREMIERE: Cowgirl – She Picks Me Up

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Time was when talking about the complete pop song, brevity was best. Think of ‘The Letter’ by The Box Tops, the Buzzcocks‘Love You More’, and most anything you might care to mention by either The Ramones or The Lemonheads and you start to get the idea. Now York’s Cowgirl are taking us right back to that time with their very first release, ‘She Picks Me Up’.

Clocking in at a couple of seconds shy of two minutes, ‘She Picks Me Up’ doesn’t hang around long enough to even begin to overstay its welcome. Yet in that short time it does more than enough to convince us that something is already starting to happen for Cowgirl. For this swaggeringly confident debut they shake up a wonderful cocktail of Ronettes’ emotive hooks and Beach Boys’ melody with more than a hint of the Jesus and Mary Chain’s underlying sense of ennui and despair, before distilling it all into what is a perfect phial of pop noir.

Danny Trew Barton and Sam Coates are Cowgirl and they will be playing live:

26th October @ The Basement, York (w/Black Delta Movement)
6th December @ Night & Day, Manchester


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