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VIDEO: Every Kid Knows – Spinning Jenny

Here’s a Saturday pick-me-up from Every Kid Knows and their new single ‘Spinning Jenny’. Its a whirling dervish of multi-coloured psych-pop and we have the premiere for the similarly trippy accompanying video below: 


Recorded at Sawmills Studios (Oasis – Definitely Maybe), the Anglo-Dutch band describe the recording of the single as “a spiritual experience”, reconnecting to innocence and the lost spirit of pop music. 

“The River Fowey is a magical place. From the small wharf in front of the Fisherman’s Arms in Golant we took a small boat with our guitars and amps and drum cases down river to the creek where Sawmills Studios lies buried in the woods.

Down there you only hear the birds and the stream and occasionally the iron rattle of the Mineral Railway. You can’t see any other houses. You can switch the world off and start looking for something – it’s Heart of Darkness in reverse.

 And it was important that we went there to make our album. I wanted to reconnect to some innocence, some lost spirit of pop music that has been written over by the ones and zeros. I wanted to record everything in a single take – I didn’t even know whether it was even possible to make a record like that anymore. I wanted the music to be alive – not the digital plug-in facsimile of being alive.

Spinning Jenny was one of the first tracks we recorded in the I’ve days that we were there. We’d performed the track a hundred times live. I had recorded a great demo that was really trippy but a lot slower. This was a chance to let it fly.

We did three takes and the third take was a spiritual experience. Tom Joyce, the engineer, asked us if we wanted to have another go. We were all just giggling, overwhelmed by what had just happened in the last four minutes. I knew that if we did a thousand more takes we’d never get close again. It was a great moment. I can’t say too much about the song. It came to me like a dream – something over which I had no control. The words just wrote themselves. I like the idea of a rickety wooden machine that comes along and kickstarts a revolution. I like the idea of a girl who just blows your world apart. I like the idea of evolution and wheels and music that comes around and makes sense of where you are.

Back in Den Haag we met up with Caitlin and Jana from Glitterstudio and spent a freezing cold day on the beach. I said I wanted the video to be colourful and crazy. They kept asking me what the song was about and I kept saying I didn’t know. It just felt right.” –Dylan Rippon, Every Kid Knows

The single will be released online by Hero Rhymes With Zero on 10th December 2018 and is a taster of the band’s debut album expected next year.

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