Preaching From The Pews: Amini – ‘Lost’

Preaching From The Pews: Amini – ‘Lost’

Are you feeling lost? Amini is here to help get found. London-via-Oslo-based two-piece Amini is the brainchild of Nio Amini and Mattis Moviken, who also plays the drums in indie-rock starlets Post Louis, and have returned after a lengthy absence. Their 2015 EP A Whisper In Your Ear was a quiet, reflective, soul-searching reach into “cinematic folk” that explored some of lead-singer and guitarist Nio Amini’s darkest and deepest fears.

New track ‘Lost’ however, is a sunshine-inducing, more widescreen look at their established sound, thanks to the addition of synths. The band retain their wide-eyed worldview that informed their excellent 2015 EP while adding a new sense of purpose and direction with their driving, uptempo rhythms courtesy of Moviken. Amini’s lyrics, meanwhile, remains emotionally resonant, delivered in her matter-of-fact style.

‘Lost’ has shown a push towards an indie-pop sound that will presumably inform the band’s upcoming EP When We Were Kids set to be released 30th September. The EP was self-recorded at their Rotherhithe, London studio, while we wait, ‘Lost’ is a charming and heart-warming return from the Norwegian duo and we are excited to see where they go next.

‘Lost’ is out now, from upcoming EP When We Were Kids, released 30th September.

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