Video Of The Week #148: ÄTNA – Won’t Stop

Video Of The Week #148: ÄTNA – Won’t Stop

ÄTNA unveil their debut album today, and celebrate the release with an affecting video for the record’s brilliant opening track, ‘Won’t Stop’. Pulsing, insistent and unstoppable this euphoric affirmation of never giving up, is an energetic floor filler that’s pattering synths and undulating beats spirals into the night sky. While Inéz’s layered vocals pieced together with cut up affects stutter, spin and soar, it’s the sound of the sun coming up after an exhausting all nighter. Thrilling, inventive and emotive it spins gloriously somewhere between Grimes, The Knife and the Eurythmics. They say “’Won’t Stop’ comes around like a daft funk hymn forcing us to seize the day and unite all humans!”

Filmed in Italy, close to the Croatian border, the video encapsulates the sense of alienation and dystopian unease which lies at the music’s heart, as well as the dramatic, celebratory feeling of emancipation embedded in the song’s lyrics. Featuring Inéz Schaefer and Demian Kappenstein, it continues the Dresden duo’s tradition of creating striking videos to accompany their music. “This one is our danciest!” they say of the song.

MADE BY DESIRE, ÄTNA’s debut, will be swiftly followed by a lengthy tour, and follows performances in recent months at high profile festivals both at home and abroad, as well as tours of Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Estonia. They’ve also performed in cities as diverse as Istanbul and London, and that’s not to mention slots at the Montreux Jazz Festival last year and Eurosonic earlier this year.

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