PREMIERE: Felix Rauber - 'AUTSIDER' Music Video

PREMIERE: Felix Rauber – ‘AUTSIDER’ Music Video

Music can be a powerful tool. Emotionally, politically and recreationally it can have positive effects on the outer world and often gives a voice to those who may not feel welcome, comfortable, or supported elsewhere. ‘AUTSIDER‘ by Felix Räuber is one such song, a stunning exploration of finding your own identity, accepting neurodiversity, and showing that any misconceptions about Autism are invalid. It highlights that more work needs to be done by neurotypical people to understand Autism Spectrum Disorder and to support those living with it as best as they can.

Musically, it’s a dramatic and bold sound. Anthemic in nature with Räuber’s strong vocal blaring over a chorus grounded in catharsis. It compels you to let go of your judgment and to enjoy yourself for exactly who you are. The video, premiering today exclusively on our site, is a stylish and cinematic piece that showcases Räuber’s unique outlook and style.

Directed by Heiko auf der Mauer, they have created a visual that “speaks to the challenge of a whole society in the Eastern parts of Germany that still hasn’t woken up to its past. portrays the journey from being an outsider to becoming an insider in our modern society. Telling the story of an autistic character, the video is based on Felix Räuber´s biography and his childhood in the German Democratic Republic. He is showing the fracture of the old system and the accompanying feeling of being lost, having to find a new identity, and feeling alone.”

‘AUTSIDER’ by Felix Räuber is out now on Every Motion Records.

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