An exciting foray into the future of electronic music as we explore the dark mind of KLEOPATRA. They have recently released their debut EP Machina, an interesting and forward-thinking project that explores the limits of PC Music. I recently included their lead single ‘XANAX‘ in our Tracks of the Week list and called it “trippy, PC music inspired production dripping with soft and tender vocals that dive deep into the feeling of being medicated with all of the lows and highs that come along with it. This slow sojourn through the track is tinged with sadness and longing but glazed with beauty.”

Hi, how are you today? 

Hey there! I’m doing great today. Hope you’re well too! 

Tell me about your new EP ‘Machina’ and single ‘XANAX’

My EP Machina is such a direct reflection of my inner self as it perfectly encapsulates all the sounds and themes that I love and that inspire me. I’m so happy I can finally release it into the world and share this piece of myself with others! 

Xanax is a complicated song. This song is about a person, no longer in my life, who was starting to withdraw from me and at the same time become absorbed by their obsession with drugs, whilst my own mental health declined – therefore needing to rely on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. The song conveys my deep wish to numb the pain and erase my memories of that time – even all my memories of that person.

What was your experience like putting the EP together?

The experience of putting my EP together was really intense but super fun too. I spent a long time – a whole year – making this EP: carefully crafting my sound, selecting each element mindfully, and making sure that each song served a purpose in the story telling of the EP and made its own point. 

What are your plans for the future beyond this release?

My plans for the future are to make music videos for each of the songs on the EP and then – hopefully – release my debut album (which is already in the making) early next year! 

What was the first song you ever wrote? 

I think it was some monstrosity called Roses are Red 

What was it like? 

Haha, pretty bad by my recollection. But I’ll forgive myself because I was only twelve! 

What’s your local music scene like? 

The Glasgow music scene is absolutely amazing. It is so alive, fresh, and dynamic. We have so many exciting artists both established and rising in the scene. I’m so lucky to be part of such a vibrant musical community. 

How would you describe your music in five words? 

 Dark alternative industrial glitch pop!

Which artists do you admire? 

I seriously admire Charli XCX, Grimes, Dorian Electra, BANKS, FKA Twigs, Rina Sawayama, Daft Punk, and SOPHIE!

What would be your dream collaboration? 

I mean, any of the above but it has always been a major dream of mine to work with Daft Punk.

What’s the best band/artist you have played with so far? 

Has to be a tie between SMUT and North Atlas! They are amazing Scottish artists!

Who/What are you listening to right now?

Right now I’m listening to a lot of Punjabi and Hindi bangers. My favourite song at the moment is RITVIZ – Sage! 

Thanks for your time

Thank you so much – I had so much fun!

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