Exclusive: MADI ‘To The End’ Music Video Premiere

Exclusive: MADI ‘To The End’ Music Video Premiere

Cardiff-based audio/visual artist MADI has returned with a fantastic new music video to accompany her brand new song ‘To The End‘ which releases next week.

The track is an unusual and experimental alternative pop with a strong lead vocal that explores the end of a relationship, shifting through long notes of yearning and emotion to a tender spoken word section that all melts cohesively into one beautiful sonic experience.

The video, created at home during the lockdown with long time collaborator and partner Daniel Fitzgerald, is the perfect accompaniment to the song. Retaining that experimental vibe and showing off MADI’s creativity through more than one medium, a master of many trades it seems.

When discussing the project she said: “‘To the End’ is a journey from the darkness of love breaking down, to the ecstasy of realising it was the best thing that could have happened. Cool dark electronica, with additional spoken word by Turkish actress Pınar Öğün. The music video was created during the lockdown in 2020, at home on zero budget. The song (like others) started life in my home studio, with me playing and producing it as I went along, and then was taken to Charlie Francis for collaborative work!”.

To the End‘ by MADI releases on the 28th of November.

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