PODCAST: Show Me Magic! An Alcopop Records Special!

PODCAST: Show Me Magic! An Alcopop Records Special!

For the last traditional new music podcast of the year, Bill Cummings and Jim Auton were joined by Jack Clothier from one of their favourite labels Alcopop! For a chat about new music, classics, the challenges facing indie labels and more!

Alcopop! was formed in Oxford in 2006, started in a small cardboard box kicked off with a small three figure ‘business’ loan partially invested gambling on football (thanks Lomana Lua Lua), its home to the likes of TIGERCUB, johnny foreigner, Fight Like Apes, Anamanaguchi, Tellison, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, Matt Pryor, Happy Accidents and many more.

CHERYM – We’re Just Friends
Frances of Delirium – All Love
Hatchie – This Enchanted
Fresh – Girl clout
Raveloe – Catkins
Laura Mary- Carter – Town called nothing
Mclusky – Gareth Brown Says
Symposium – Fairweather Friend
Susanne Sundfor – Fade away

Produced by Andy VonPip



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