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Land of Rap 2022- April

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It’s been a busy month yet again for hip-hop in Wales. Documenting what’s going on seems to get more hectic week after week, especially with events becoming more frequent and artists accomplishing more and more feats and popping up here, there and everywhere. This of course is only a good thing!

In regards to the music, one of the country’s top prospects released his debut album recently. ManLikeVision gave us a taste of everything on his first outing Boy from the South, showcasing everything from his ability to flat out rap alongside his songwriting prowess. The youngster set the bar high for himself with 2021’s ‘Best Believe’ but he’s continued to impress and there is no doubt here that he’s on his way to big things.

Whilst only a short offering, Deyah’s ‘HeART-Break Notel’ EP consisting of freestyle verses is as dense in content as her previous releases. Flows almost always on attack during this, spitting with such conviction and self belief. I’m itching for another full length project, one that will no doubt end up as another contender (and possible winner) to the Welsh Music Prize like Care City was.

Despite only being on my radar for a minute, M.Yesekaon has displayed a workrate and an output that has kept him a constant presence since the turn of the year. The quality is there too, with his latest album ‘Cause + Effect’ as fleshed out and cohesive as his previous efforts. Jazzy production meeting some intricate and experimental rhyme patterns and structures, I can’t help but feel there is a home for him on welsh outfit Winger Records or maybe even Roman Recordings. Either way, I reckon he’s another one we’ll know a lot more about this time next year, especially since he’s being backed by the Beacon’s Honey Sessions project this year.

There have been plenty of other notable releases too, more so from younger artists in the country. Charlie J (who I do forget is as young as he is, I do apologise for that !) released his KwanLi produced EP ‘A Moment’s Notice’. Common vibes on this one: smooth, slick bars throughout over some beats that wouldn’t sound out of place on One Day It’ll Make Sense. That, plus new music from Do Not Associate, Danny Ed, Zero and Rose KRP made it a month where the fresh faces of hip-hop in Wales let us know that we’ll be in safe hands in a few years time!

Just touching on events for a second too, there has been plenty going on across the country whether it was Immersed/BBC Radio 6 festival, countless gigs in The Moon or Porter’s in Cardiff, artists creating their own opportunities up north to perform…it’s all happening. My quick suggestion would be to check out Larynx Entertainment (shameless plug) where we try to update as much as possible about gigs that are happening across the country. From there there are plenty of pages and platforms to tap into to find out where to catch these artists performing live. Don’t miss the chance to see them for cheap (or even free) now because I guarantee that won’t be the case forever!

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