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The Lounge Society – Tired of Liberty (Speedy Wunderground)

The Lounge Society will release their debut album Tired of Liberty on 26 August, produced by Dan Carey whose success this year includes Fontaines D.C., Wet Leg and Kae Tempest. The 4-piece from the Calder Valley have been making music together since schooldays and caught the attention of Carey’s Speedy Wunderground label thanks to a friend sending on an email with their music.

Opening track ‘People Are Scarey‘ demonstrates just how honest and open The Lounge Society are prepared to be on Tired of Liberty. Its a slightly calmer track to begin the album, but its honesty speaks volumes in terms of themes.
When will I feel comfortable around other people?”
I don’t know anybody in this room. Nobody knows me in this room.”

Blood Money’ takes us into more familiar territory with its passionate intensity. The scuzzy guitars and thumping drums produce a sonic landscape which is both chaotic and melodic as the track progresses. “Stay young and watch our futures growing old” sings lead vocalist Cameron Davey. The band explain on the background of the track:
Blood Money is a reaction to the culture of greed that’s seeping into the corridors of power across the world. It’s a reminder that ultimately, we all suffer at the hands of self-serving elites, and it’s our personal perspective on the effects of dirty politics on the everyday lives of ourselves and people we know. For us it’s a song that completely captures this record and us as a band.

No Driver’ presents the darkest track to date by The Lounge Society. The electronic start moves into an increasingly ferocious pace. This band are unafraid to include unpredictable segments within their songs. Previous singles have had an outward focus, on the state of the nation or even closer to home with commentary on society. However on Tired of Liberty there is a shift inward here with reflection on the human condition. Here the human mind reaching breaking point and hence losing control thus no driver, but this can be liberating as if taking your hands off the controls.

Beneath the Screen’ is one of the highlights of Tired of Liberty, achieving a large scale production sound. There is the echo of 90’s New York funk punk in this track, mixing the genres to wonderous effect. The Lounge Society have grasped raw chaotic energy in ‘Beneath the Screen‘ and it may be one of the shortest tracks on the album but it packs one heck of a punch. The drums of Archie Dewis take centre stage and indeed the crazy pace is joyous. The increasing chaos within the track alludes to the impact of too much screen time on mental health.
“There’s wires in your brain,
Pixels of feelgood pain,
A 9 second escape.
Can you relate?”

A slight calming with the beginning of ‘North Is Your Heart’ enables us to take a breath. However not for long. The Lounge Society do not feel the need to pack their songs with lyrics. ‘North of Your Heart’ looks inward and indeed the lyrics are powerful and are given the space to be impactful.
“You’re searching for purpose in the wastelands of the soul.”
“Your beliefs are your power”

Last Breath’ is a raucous rabble-rousing song with the whole band involved in the vocals.  It opens with funky percussion and quickly takes us into a party inducing chorus delivered full of energy: “I will spend my last breath singing”. It’s a song of defiance, of wanting to party on even when everything is going wrong. This is followed by ‘Remains’ which rattles along from the very start. Frenetic and wild and uninhibited with its static buzzing at the end, as if the electricity needs to dissipate.

The Lounge Society have shared that working with producer Dan Carey allowed them to be free flowing. The lyrics for ‘Boredom Is A Drug’ were written very last minute but that slight stress seeps into the track adding to the desired raw and slightly chaotic vibe. The underlying funky bass at the beginning leads into lyrics which are smart and thought-provoking, a trademark of this band. “Boredom is a drug, has it hit yet?” suggesting boredom is addictive but “We just want to live, We just want to feel.” The clapping and whooping at the end add to the sense of freedom.
It’s Just a Ride’ is driven again by the high energy of funk punk, especially with the added layer of the backing vocals and the funky bass and jangly guitar of Herbie May and Hani Paskin-Hussain. “Good times are plenty, if you know where to find them in the company of ego and nobody else dispute me.” The message is clear, life is short so live in the present.
“Working harder to find the end of the rainbow”
The quietest track on Tired of Liberty is current single ‘Upheaval’ and includes the guest vocal of Anouska Sokolow (Honeyglaze) and Jojo Orme (Heartworms). The vocal harmonies are delicious and demonstrate that The Lounge Society are not just about a frenetic pace but can also deliver gentler yet still captivating songs. 
Grounded and untouchable.”
“All that we had is in the past.”

And so to the closing track, ‘Generation Game’ . It’s fitting that this their debut single should finish the album. It has been re-recorded for Tired of Liberty as the experience of playing it live since its original release in March 2020 has led it to evolving over time. An extraordinary track, its power and emotion will never wain I suspect, and its words remain strikingly prophetic. “What will the US do to save our souls to save our dignity?”

The Lounge Society have produced a debut album full of passion and joy, with a freedom of expression in both lyrics and music mature beyond their years. This band work collaboratively, with all four members involved in the creation of their music. Such is the growing interest in the band they will be playing a pre-release day set at Jack Whites Third Man Records basement venue in London on 24 August plus Pretty Green in Manchester (details here) on 25 August and a free release day gig on 26 August at their spiritual home The Golden Lion in Todmorden.

The Lounge Society’s debut album Tired of Liberty is out on 26 August on the Speedy Wunderground label.

For more details on the band including album launch instores and full tour dates please check out their facebook and twitter.


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