NEWS: vivi rincon releases lead single 'the party' together with debut EP, crash landing

NEWS: vivi rincon releases lead single ‘the party’ together with debut EP, crash landing

21 year old vivi rincon found viral success on TikTok after posting her debut single, ‘If we Lived on the Moon.’ The ballad charts“ the difficulties of living in a world where you aren’t accepted for who you are” and celebrates, “how beautiful love can really be.” A vulnerable reflection of vivi’s struggles as a queer woman, the track amassed an astonishing 1.3M views, garnering praise for her ‘virtuoso vocal range, fearless lyricism and deft sense of dynamics,’ and praise from Lizzy McAlpineMadeline The Person, and Alexander Stewart.

Vivi has just released the latest single ‘the party‘ from her five track EP, crash landing out on 22nd February. Thrumming with tender guitars and delicate vocals ‘the party‘ perfectly captures the bittersweet strain of second guessing an unexpected connection the morning after and explores the excitement and uncertainty of wondering if a special attachment can last beyond that first perfect interaction. The closing track and final single from Rincon’s debut project, ‘the party’ is the perfect representation of  the EP, crash landing as a whole: wise, intimate, and courageously vulnerable. 

Half-Mexican half-Venezuelan vivi rincon grew up appreciating the diversity of her hometown Houston, Texas and after heading to Berklee School of Music, the singer-songwriter met her girlfriend and eventual musical collaborator. Speaking of her crash landing EP vivi says,

 “crash landing explores the intricacies of a relationship, the ups and downs, the passion and the hate, the beautiful and the terrifying. And navigating through the intense feelings that come with being madly in love with someone.” 

In her achingly honest, stunning five-track debut project, Rincon explores the uncharted emotions and adult nuance of love with wisdom and clarity far beyond her years.

Stream latest single, ‘The Party’ and Crash Landing EP here: crash landing (

Watch first track on the EP and her emotive viral hit here:

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fakelupe | Instagram, TikTok | Linktree

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