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Bandcamp Friday: May 2023

Woohoo! Who’s ready for bank holiday round two? No need to answer. Everyone who doesn’t work in retail and hospitality that’s who. Rather than extol the virtues of our soon-to-be King in writing. I thought, well… images speak 1000 words, don’t they? So instead of me rambling on please do enjoy this photo compilation of some of Charles’ fond memories prior to the Coronation. Oh yeah, and there’s some great music below.

*All music selections by Kate Haresnape.

Nuclear Daisies – S/T

The word lush springs to mind when listening to this album (and not really because of the band Lush). This self-titled release is the most perfect album I’ve come across this year, I’m a little bit obsessed actually. Its shoe-gazy, sweeping chords, Cocteau Twins style melodies combined with the anthemic crunch of the Stone Roses, make this a top contender for album of the year lists. Fans of the dream pop genre prepare to discover your new favourite band.

Lvl Up – Space Brothers (Re-issue)

Reissued in 2018, Space Brothers isn’t exactly a new release but it does deserve acclaim it never received. Lvl Up encapsulate the DIY energy of an early Dischord records band if they had a sense of humour about them like the Dead Milkmen. It’s about as easy to listen to as all the best Sebadoh songs are and if you grew up going to see your friends’ bands play in basements and garages then this one feels like coming home.

Various Artists – Illusion of Choice

Did someone say a lo-fi, punk benefit compilation to raise money for our feline friends? You did. OK, take my money, please! This compilation features a range of tracks from an array of underground US punk artists, some of which include covers of hits such as ‘Christine’ by Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Tammy’s ‘Egyptian Shumba’. And, as mentioned, all profits from the album are donated to the Feline Rescue Inc who provide shelter and rescue for domestic cats.

Volk Soup – Incompetent Hits: The Singles Vol 1

Leeds post-punk outfit, Volk Soup, showcase their energetic and catchy style in this eight track album. Influences such as Yard Act and Working Men’s Club shine through as lyrics are delivered in an acerbic astuteness that only British bands are able to conjure.

Ist Ist – Protagonists (Bandcamp Deluxe Edition)

Move over Interpol there’s a new darkwave, post-punk band in town. Having just returned from seeing these live at the Whitby Goth Weekend, I can vouch for the fact that Ist Ist sound as close to their recordings as possible. “Protagonists” is a solid album that you’ll definitely find yourself singing along to after a couple of listens, melodic bass hooks and introspective lyrics are the name of the game and yes, whilst it may have been done before, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a new contender especially when they’re doing it as well as Ist Ist.

Guohan – City of the Sun and Moon

Guohan is fast becoming my go-to for hazy, hypnotic summery electronic goodness. Originating from Ningbo, China, the artist is now based in Nottingham and recently performed at a small gathering in the Derbyshire Peak District where his mellow rhythms vibrated amongst the clear, night sky and open fires.

“City of the Sun and Moon” draws the listener in with its immersive soundscapes and dreamy textures. Using a blend of ambient, techno, and experimental electronic sounds, Guohan creates a unique sonic universe that is both ethereal and grounded.

Through the use of atmospheric synths, deep basslines, and sparse percussion, Guohan is able to create a hypnotic and trance-like effect that transports listeners to another realm.

Curser – Painted Smile

There’s not a huge back catalogue to delve into with London-based, three-piece, Curser but what they’ve got is solid. Sounding a little bit like Oxes meets Pile. ‘Painted Smile’ is a perfect combination of math-rock, grunge and angst-rock. More of this please Curser!

Spongebob Squarewave – 2 the Rhythm

Get ready, breakbeat and donk. This supercharged, hyper-energetic release is just the tonic for those looking for a pick me up. Got work to do and feeling tired? Donk. Getting ready to go out for the evening and not quite feeling the vibe? Donk. Need some donk with that shake? Course you do.

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