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NEWS: Indio Downey announces ‘Cigarettes in Bed’ EP and shares ‘Dume’ single

LA alt-rocker Indio Downey has just shared his atmospheric new single ‘Dume;’ a darkly enticing track about the seductive nature of self-destruction. ‘Dume‘ is a taste of his upcoming debut EP Cigarettes In Bed due to drop on 19th January 2024. 

Haunting and intoxicating, ‘Dume‘ swells with a pounding bass line and keening guitars as he sings,” I can’t overcome this bitter-sweet affliction.” With a breathless, radio-ready, chorus, there’s a dark, seductive whirlpool of fatal attraction at its centre. Indio’s lush gritty vocals drift over the track’s thrashing sonic soul –and yet there is allure in the shadows. Churning with relentless tension, the intense heartbeat builds beneath the drumsticks as the chorus soars with frisson. Clarity reigns in the song’s conclusion with the triumphant desire to break free from addiction as he sings: “The more I give / the more you take / the more what was once was real turns fake.”

Indio said.“‘Dume’ is about past addiction. Doom is my biggest fear but within the context of the song it’s a metaphor for the fatal attraction to self-destruction. I also switched the spelling so that its a play on Point Dume in Malibu which is my inspiration spot. It was produced by Dan Omelio who wrote the music and we came up with the melody and lyrics together. He was such a pleasure to work with. I Hope people who hear this song remember that there is beauty in the darkness.” 

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‘ Dume’ comes hot on the heels of the anthemic ‘Plastic Rainbow’ Rich with sonic depth and the best elements of grunge and slacker rock, it’s fuelled with pounding percussion and soaring multitextured harmonies- a sonic tidal wave of churning grit, it effortlessly pairs audacious guitar hooks with soaring triumphant choruses to create narrative shades of light and dark.

Indio just happens to be the son of actor Robert Downey Jr. and credits his parents for his early love of music, with his mother gifting him his first guitar when he was 12. Inspired to make music that is both sonically engaging and thematically meaningful, Indio spent his adolescence and young adult years exploring and cultivating his musical style.

Now stepping into the spotlight, Indio debuted his solo project with the melodic, angsty ‘Headspace‘ in 2022 melding rock, punk, and grunge influences to create a sound that, while distinctively alternative, is unafraid to flirt with the sonic mainstream. Headspace’ was quickly followed up by the California cool ‘Runaway’ and boldly introspective ‘September’. 

Upcoming EP Cigarettes In Bed, due to drop on 19th January 2024, is an eclectic exploration of love, chaos, pain, and redemption. The five-track EP is laden with mighty bass lines, incendiary guitar licks, and powerful percussion. Indio stands out for his lush, visceral, resonant vocals and engaging songwriting. With Cigarettes In Bed  he comes into his own as a frontman and establishes himself as true contender to rise to the top of the alt-rock ranks. Equal parts feisty, tender, and fun, the project is a tenacious burst of infectious sounds, dexterous lyricism and honesty.

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