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Tracks of the Week #280

With a face like summer, and hair like fire, could you be the one to let in? I know that’s where I begin. I’m going to the beach with all my friends. Everybody’s gone surfing, surfing all the sewage. Fuck the Tories. Fuck Thames Water. Fuck the Police. Welcome to Tracks of the Week No. 280. Summer in the city where the air is still, babies being born to the overkill. Wasn’t it? Mmmm evocative image. Jumpers for goalposts. Halcyon days.

Andrew Combs – Eventide

Why we love it: because this is what perfect bliss sounds like. ‘Eventide’ is the first single to arrive from Andrew Combs’ forthcoming album, Dream Pictures (out 23rd August on Loose Records). And here the country soul singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee captures the true feeling of contentment.

As Andrew Combs explains, “This is an ode to my wife and the time we get to spend together at the end of the day. It is a snapshot of dusk – when the world starts to turn in for the evening, the children are sleeping, the dishes are put up, and we get to have a glass of wine while we sit back and take the day in. That usually is the time when I feel most grateful to be alive, and most appreciative of the world my wife and I have created here at home.”

‘Eventide’ is but one of a dozen new songs on Dream Pictures which reflect a man who is very happy with the place in which he now finds himself, both with his musical career and his personal circumstances. The album is co-produced with drummer Dom Billett, with whom Andrew Combs has toured extensively since 2017. And with the exception of instrumentalist Spencer Cullum, who contributed to pedal steel, Dream Pictures was recorded and performed entirely by Combs and Billett.

Andrew Combs will be on tour in the UK and Europe in August and September. (Simon Godley)

Fig by Four – Plunge

Why we love it: because we like a bit of Fig by Four. GIITTV featured the solo project of the Leeds’ multi-instrumentalist Sarah Statham back in April with the video to ‘Otherwirldly’, the dynamic opening track to Fig by Four’s brilliant debut album, Capture Reveal.

And it is another track from that album accompanied by another excellent video that brings Fig by Four back into our orbit this time round. The track in question is ‘Plunge’ and the video arrives courtesy of the rich invention of Finlay Costello. Here the slinky, sinewy, sensual groove of the song is matched by the vibrant nautical illusion of the animation and it all makes for such a glorious combination of sound and vision.

Do yourself a huge favour and get some Fig by Four in your eyes and ears right now, right here. (Simon Godley)


Why we love it: because with a name as expressive as this you are never going to go far wrong. WE ARE WINTER’S BLUE AND RADIANT CHILDREN is the new project of Mat Ball (BIG|BRAVE) and Efrim Manuel Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt. Zion) with Jonathan Downs and Patch One (both Ada). And with such an illustrious pedigree you just know that the title track from their debut album, NO MORE APOCALYPSE FATHER is going to be a bit special.

Ball and Menuck began creating music in and for the bleakest moments of Montréal winters: “We’re honouring that idea of winter, when you come inside and your house is warm, a place that only exists because of how cold it is outside,” says Menuck. And ‘NO MORE APOCALYPSE FATHER’ embodies all of those sensations. It is the supreme sound of darkness, distortion and disquiet. (Simon Godley)

Nia Smith – Give Up The Fear

Nia Smith  is just 20 years old, yet her debut single shows a wisdom beyond her years ‘Give Up The Fear’ is ripe with elements of old soul, hip hop, a skittering beat, uplifting pianos and a vocal that sets its eyes on pursuing dreams. There’s such a reflective soul about Smith’s vocals, it reminds one of some of the work of Michael Kiwanuka or old soul legends of the 60s and 70s, yet filtered through Smith’s minds eye.

Produced by Grammy-award-winning producer Jimmy Napes, the song presents a deeper meaning alongside an innate musical charisma; “[it’s] about finding that inner-child again… you know how when you’re a kid you don’t overthink or second-guess creativity? I would watch my little brother paint when he wants to paint, draw when he wants to draw, while I second-guess what I want to do”. Knowing, resonant and meditive, its a mighty fine first offering from this emerging artist. (Bill Cummings)

Jordana – We Get By

Why we love it: 23-year-old, Maryland-raised and LA-based songwriter Jordana Nye offers a gorgeously addictive with a new single, ‘We Get By.‘ A shimmering golden hewn folk pop track that’s a real pick me up for those with the Monday blues, the standalone track ushers in a new Laurel Canyon era for Jordana, who in between tours with Local Natives, Remi Wolf, TV Girl & Wallows, has been working on material since 2023.  With hints of 70s pop, it cycles through a joyous guitar motif, perky percussion, shimmering licks and even some playful violins: her vocals are irridescent tip toeing through a gleaming melody and pouring forth with affection, swimming in that loved up feeling. The song, which was produced by Emmett Kai, Jordana says is about “true love.” Listen and watch the affirming and tongue-in-cheek Otium-directed video below.

“‘We Get By’ is about true love,” says Jordana. “It’s about leaving any materialistic things behind and basking in the appreciation of the truest loving from a pure ground zero — whether that be with yourself or with someone else. We could leave everything we have and still be happy.” (Bill Cummings)

Tendertwin – Tiday Insomniac

Why we love it: Born in Istanbul and having spent time in Philadelphia, Oxford & now based in London, Tendertwin is the project of emerging artist Bilge Nur Yilmaz.  Her excellent new offering ‘Tidal Insomniac’ rustles with the depths of the landscape, textures of celestial folk, ambient noises, her beguiling vocals plugging into vivid couplets that meditiate on the conflicted nature of desire. The feeling when you desperately want to love someone, and the irrational distance you might go to make them love you back. With poignant lyrics such as “I know why I felt too inclined to let it all bleed” and “forming a solid ghost,” Tendertwin mirrors the full journey from selfless innocence to masochistic vengeance, questioning what keeps us away from true commitment.

Lifted from her debut EP ’Ship Argo’ is set for release July 5th.  Inspired by the likes of Tim Buckley, Joan Armatrading, Meredith Monk, Mitski, and Debussy, This first offering is utterly entrancing. (Bill Cummings)

Marie Naffah – Gloria

Why we love it: because on this evidence alone Marie Naffah is a bit special. Last Friday the London-based singer-songwriter released her debut album, Mother of Pearl. And here is a live video of the album single ‘Gloria’, recorded last November at her sold-out show at London’s prestigious Lafayette. It is a woozy, transformative piece of timeless pop that showcases her undoubted talent as an emerging songwriter and storyteller with a hugely expressive voice that can easily convey heartache and spirit in equal measure. (Simon Godley)

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