NEWS: Parenthesis Dot Dot Dot share smart video for addictive single ‘For the Time Being’

Parenthesis Dot Dot Dot is the alter ego of English singer/songwriter and visual artist Tim Benton. A name inspired by the unspoken parts of ourselves that define us, and the eternal possibilities that open out from their existence.

He’s released a smart video for his song ‘For The Time Being’ – and attempted to do a classic music video on a budget, with some rather smart homemade tech and a dollop of humour. It’s a video that fits the song’s wry delivery, addictive art pop chorus, bubbling beats and a carousel of glittering synths, with shades of the bittersweet duality the likes of the Pet Shop Boys or The Beloved can capture, but really it’s carving its own niche. He recently contributed a track for the legendary Lawrence from Mozart Estate’s last album and recently released his debut EP ‘The Raptor’.

His physical manifestation is inspired by Caesar from the classic 1920s German horror movie ‘The cabinet of Dr Caligari’ who himself had been asleep for many years, and is only now really opening his eyes. His recent videos and live shows (solo and with full band) have enchanted and entranced anyone who upturned the particular stone they were playing under.

Benton says “They say that music videos are dead, but I’m inclined to disagree, I always dreamed to have the tools at my disposal to make something as epic as ‘Sledgehammer’ or ‘Take On Me’. I’m not saying this is as good, but it’s somewhere in the same universe.”

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