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London based alternative rap trio Frozemode, comprise I.V.GATLIN, Cho-Hollo, and Lisong.  They made their debut at the end of 2022 and have recently released two new singles ‘Asbo Boys’ born out of negative comments about Frozemode on social media.and ‘Black Hole’ . Both 2024 singles take their inspiration from very personal places.

How did Frozemode come together?

We have all been mates since we were teenagers. We went to the same schools. We all bonded over music and started spitting bars together for fun years ago. The more we did it the more we realised this could be way more than just a hobby. 

Does music provide an outlet to share frustrations, is most of your music created through personal experiences?

For sure. At the studio day by day we naturally bring to the table whatever we each have on our chests. It’s a cathartic experience. It’s also always a collaboration with the producer because the sound that they create will automatically bring certain thoughts and feelings to the table. 

The energy you bring to the stage is wild.  Would it be a fair description to say you’re embedded in hip hop but with a splash of punk?

That’s a very good description. Hiphop/ rap is and will always be our core. It’s what we all started out doing and was each of our main musical inspiration growing up. Hiphop and punk are a natural fit for each other as they both share a certain ethos and an anti establishment kind of vibe. However we will continue to adapt and take influence from all sorts of genres and continue to strive to create our own. 

Seeing you play at 1pm at Rockaway Beach was pretty wild!  You went down an absolute storm and the whole room was bouncing.  Can you share a little about that gig back in January?

To be honest we didn’t know much about what the show would be like before we got there. We were very pleasantly suprised with how great the audience were and how much energy they gave us. It was such a fun show with a great crowd and we have seen loads of the same faces since then at our other gigs. So it was definitely a success. 

And how was Download Festival?  Did the crowd respond to the Frozemode energy?

Download was amazing. It was by far our biggest crowd yet and felt like a key moment in our journey so far. We were also helped by the fact that the rain sent extra people into our tent for shelter. None of us had ever been to download before so it was an exciting experience and we also got given free haircuts which was sick aha. 

What is happening for Frozemode for the rest of the year?  Can we expect more gigs?

Yes. We will be playing Reading and Leeds, two thousand trees, and more. Apart from shows we will keep consistently releasing and expanding our sound. 

If I looked in your fridge right now what would I find?

Cho-Hollo : milk 

Lisong : hot sauce

I.V.GATLIN: nothing

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