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Tracks of the Week #282

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, is it bloody fuck. But is it? Actually is it? England are playing like a blind donkey with two hooves tied together (any of the four) but somehow they’re now the best penalty takers since the Germans in the 90’s. Who da thunk it?!?! Not this Englander. (Apologies to the predominantly Welsh readership).

Anyway, lots the lovely tunes here, which is why you’re reading this guff in the first place, not to listen to me banging on about bloody football. Seven bangers and beauties. Dive in!!

Ekko Astral – baethoven

Why we love it: What a fanastic assault of sound! Rattling towards you like a runaway steam train, baethoven is a glam-punk inspired exocet, fired by fleet footed basslines that remind one of the Au Pairs, scurrying and cutting guitar licks and withering vocal asides. Before exploding into an hollering tangle of arms and legs, it’s a thunderous call to arms riven with carthasis and shades of Bikini Kill.

Ekko Astral’s Jael Holzman, guitarists Liam Hughes and Sam Elmore, bassist Guinevere Tully, and drummer Miri Tyler are relatable comrades in arms against the “The pain of being myself / At the open office / On a Friday when nobody’s around / Yellin’ I’ll circle back / To the cataracts,” she sings. “ICYMI, the earth’s coming down / And I’m throwing a fit at the luncheon / But I ain’t calling it quits here for nothing.” Absouletly unstoppable, this is one of the best things I’ve heard this year!

Ekko Astral, are the Washington D.C.-based pioneers of “mascara moshpit” music – a pummeling puree of garage princess post-punk with a new album Pink Balloons. (Bill Cummings)

Bored Marsh – Alright, OK!

Why we love it: because it means we’re edging closer to the debut EP by Nottingham’s finest. No, not Steve Cooper, he’s dead to them now he’s Leicester manager. Only joking. No, this is Bored Marsh who are about to go huge. Hopefully. Well they bloody should anyway.

It’s the first cut from the Idiot EP which is out in September, ‘Alright, OK!’ is another mammoth sounding noir indie smash, alongside last years epic singles ‘The Grind’ and ‘A Better Way (Don’t Start)’. Here Joe Need’s vocals sound like he’s shouting out of a cavern, echoing against the walls, as a storm hits. Reverb drenched guitar, thundering bass, giant vibrating drums make for a ginormous beast.

Now they’re finally branching out of Nottingham and it’s suburbs (in joke) we should all get to see a lot more of them. Although they are doing an EP launch gig at Rough Trade in the city on 27th September which will inevitably sell out so go and grab a ticket. Cannot wait to get to listen to the EP. Pre-save where you do your streaming. Hopefully some physical stuff to get our grubby mits on soon. (Jim Auton)

Benji Wild – Cardiff Bus

Why we love it: We’ve been waiting for a new Cardiff bus station since it was delayed for seven years and we just got one, and along like well busses(excuse the pun) Benji Wild releases ‘Cardiff Bus‘ a insatiable banger inspired by riding around the city on a big orange vechile. A bountiful collision of clanging riffing and jungle beats, it’s a riot of Cardiff slang, mischief and raving. Wild’s quickfire word association, with his tales of 50p rides, familiar faces he thought were locked inside and rave ups on the top deck are witty and addictive. “Cardiff sick Cardiff lush Cardiff born Cardiff bred/til I’m Cardiff Dead” he asserts encompassing the juxtapositions of living in the Cardiff capital. Those familiar with these Cardiff rides will be familiar with the terms ‘Nice one drive’ and ‘Thanks drive’ as you get off too. But thanks Benji on this occasion.

It’s the former Astroid Boy‘s MC’s latest new material following his excellent 2021 Skull and Bones album and a string of releases since. (Bill Cummings)

Grove Street – Divided Kingdom

Why We Love It: The incredibly well timed ‘Divided Kingdom‘ by Southampton’s hardcore/thrash crossover outfit Grove Street helps to format the frustrations and humiliation of Britain for nearly a decade at the hands of culture-war politics and divisionary leaders.

Grove Street are nevers one to cower away from embedding the often-bleak current cultural and political landscape into their music, illustrated more than ever in their latest single ‘Divided Kingdom‘, which delves into the shame felt by those who come from somewhere that has fell victim to the division and culture politics pushed by those in charge, as well as the perception of that country’s people by others around them.

Largely inspired by the events of Brexit, and the effect that this has had on European tours, as well as their perception by others during their time spent in Europe, the lyrics ring truer than ever as this week sees a shift in Britain’s barren and ever-bleak political landscape. (Josh Allen)

amilost – bloom

Why we love it: Norwegian/Scottish duo amilost are backing up the release of their first single since signing with Stockholm-based tastemaker label Icons Creating Evil Art with a brand new music video for ‘Bloom’. Pitter pattering alt pop that bubbles with electronic textures, synths that provide echoes of 90s pop, vocalist Sigrid Zeiner’s lucid tones and bittersweet melodies are intoxicating.

Bloom’ details the ending of a toxic relationship and the new lease of life that brings – befriending time and not rushing into anything. The lyrics equate the endurance of a toxic relationship to a bud in the ground not blooming.

Bloom’ is a bittersweet anthem about being single, the road that leads you to it, and the feeling of gratitude for the journey,” Sigrid added. “Coming out of that toxic relationship feels like thawing, but soon you’re ready to bloom and make life beautiful again on your own terms. Blooming after a bad situation is such a high that you don’t want to come down from, and it really motivates you to focus on yourself and be grateful for everything you have.” (Bill Cummings)


Why we love it: PARENT TEACHER is New York homerecording artist and self styled “pigeon whisperer” Richard. With a new album out now on It’s Lonely Ghost Records & Wilbur and Moore records, his new single ‘Kind Time’ is a bedroom pop charm. Littered with nagging guitars and twitchy drums, his layered vocals are delivered with pleasing off kilter melodies and a sideways look at the world. “Why does everybody need to be so right all the time?” he asks repeatedly as synth lines squall through space wormholes, and riffs scratch as melodies bounce off the walls, it’s an inventive and clever track that seeks out compassion in a world full of doom scrolling, divisiveness and judgement, shades of early EEELS and Beck litter this off beat gem of a track, that’s shot through with hooky elements that reveal on each new listen. (Bill Cummings)

Llinos Emanuel – Golden

Why we love it: With a swooning mixture of laid back jazzy pop, subtle instrumentials sway wonderfully with glisitening guitar lines and percussive sweeps, ‘Golden‘ is laden with Emanuel’s sea-sawing gorgeous, soulful and radiant vocals that pour through the clouds like a shaft of sunlight accross the fields. Golden is haunting annd magical, a promising offering from an emerging songwriter with a voice of restraint and quiet power.

Golden was co-produced by Llinos Poffley and Barnabas Poffley and was recorded at the very house where it was written in order to capture its intimate feel. The lyrics open up Llinos’s world of possibility. (Bill Cummings)

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