FREE MP3: Youthless: Good Hunters


Portugal’s Youthless return with a free download of ‘Good Hunters’, their break-up song. As warm, caring and snappy as their UK debut ‘Golden Age’, ‘Good Hunters’ is based on an old adage: leaving the one you love while loving the one you leave. ‘Good Hunters’ comes a brand new video, which brings the song to life with a guest appearance from the world’s favourite small blue fictional creatures, The Smurfs.

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Youthless are Alex Klimovitsky (vocals, drums, keyboard) and Sebastiano Ferranti (bass), originally from New York and London. The duo’s refreshingly direct songs have already caught the attention of NME, Drowned in Sound and CMU, and the A New Band A Day blog went so far as to name Youthless its favourite band of 2010.

This latest cut is the original demo of ‘Good Hunters’ – fresh, lithe and full-to-bursting all at once. A studio version was recorded for the Portuguese label Enchufada and produced by ambassadors of the vibrant Angolan dance genre kuduro, Buraka Som Sistema. The studio version of ‘Good Hunters’ soared to number four on the Portuguese MTV charts. The free mp3 we have hear is altogether rougher sounding, and a great insight into Alex and Sebastiano’s minds at work.

The demo version was recorded in a basement in Lisbon on an old Akai 4-track, and completed in a bedroom in west village of New York. “We mess around with whatever old and weird stuff we have in whatever practice room we’re in,” says Sebastiano. It’s such that the main hook – which sounds like a dirty synth – is actually a classic guitar played through an oddball array of distortion pedals.

“I wrote the lyrics a few hours before we recorded them, on the subway from my ex-girlfriend’s apartment,” Alex explains. The lyrics describe a relationship from infant beginnings to its inevitable end, comparing two lovers to prehistoric hunter-gatherers of affection and security who eventually choose to follow different roads when their emotional sustenance has run out.

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