Castralova- Senorita

CastrovalvaApproved 3001

Castrovalva sporting some spiffing hats approach and get over the “senorita” of this single like hurricane force 12 on LSD, never warning you and when you finally realised that it’s happened, you’ll think “What the fuck!” in amongst the destruction. In their own eccentric and bi-polar way, a mash up of so many styles would probably sound quite shit but somehow, the Leeds-based band make it work. There’s the 80’s Matchbox blitzkrieg of bulky desecrating bass and the noise rock electronics that warps in erratic and twisted contortion like the adolescent sibling of 65daysofstatic. The icing on the cake that this sibling has already destroyed? They come in the form of the wonderfully catchy vocals skittering between the catchy hip hop spits and the cold menacing falsettos in which Daniel Brader squeals like deranged Bee Gee: “Say what you want to say I want let it get me down.” One flew over the cuckoo’s nest and dropped a devastating bomb on top of it.


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