Our Mountain – Wooden Hearts

Melbourne’s Our Mountain released their debut single ”Wooden Hearts’ properly this week, its a stunning cut: ushered in by heart beating drum patterns and kaleidoscopic guitars. Matthew Hutchinson’s scorched baritone is compelling: arcing through narratives of love, death and pain, recalling the incendiary early work of Nick Cave, it thunders across the Atacama desert and collapses on its knees in religious devotion.

“‘Wooden Hearts’ was written in my old house in Brunswick, Victoria, a building infested with small, but mostly large rodents, the kind of vermin that take pride in walking the boards day and night. They moved in long term and it soon became clear that we were the visitors. The walls were crumbling, the locks unlockable, the kind of place a burglar wouldn’t burgle. The red wine cheap and the rent cheaper, in more ways than one ‘Wooden Hearts’ reminds me of that house.” (Matt Hutchinson)

It’s the first track to be lifted from Our Mountain’s forthcoming debut album, enjoy.

Release date: 23/05/2011

Our Mountain- Wooden Hearts by godisinthetvzine.co.uk

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