Slugabed – Moonbeam Rider (Ninja Tune)


Slugabed Moonbeam Rider b



Ever wondered what New Jack Swing and lo-flo Hip Hop would sound like extruded and unmercilessly filtered through an ennui backing of bowel dislodging bass, and ripped open by tounge-in-cheek, capriciously, warped glicthy foolery?

Well wonder no more as UK Bass music’s most inventive magi, Slugabed, releases an EP – his first for Ninja Tune – crammed full of answears to all those seldom, but indeed important, perplexing questions, like:-

(Best exemplified in mock conversation piece) “What would happen if I took Tangerine Dreams more moodier synth eulogies and stuck a load of Cameo style funk over the top, whislt keeping a 2-step beat going?”

“The answear to that my friend is found on ‘Heck Flea’; just one of the 5-tracks from Slugabed’s cataclysmic side-rattling ‘Moonbeam Rider EP’.”

“Great I’ll check that out. Does it prey, by chance, also answear my next enquiry?”

“Go ahead, you’ve nothing to lose: Try me”.

“Right, what happens when Kurtis Blow fronts an hallucinating keytar-proud-strutting 80s souped-up funk pop group? You know like Bobby Brown, or one of those old skool groups you used to see on the back of 4th & Broadway album covers; bands like Trouble Funk, or something.”

“Ah my equistive friend, the answear lies with the right royal retrograde-rollback viginette, ‘Nu Krack Swing’. Another cut off the same EP I just mentioned.”

You get the picture.

Slugabed cranks shit up basically; daring to screw around and have a swell time stirring up American genres; attacking them with caustic sporadic streams of acid drenches and soaring bleeps. The much in demand bass chemist threatens to drop an LP very soon; on the strength of this sweetner, it should be a ball.



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