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Presenting The sixth God Is In The TV Zine podcast. www.godisinthetvzine.co.uk
Featuring artists that have featured on our pages over the past few months, alongside some interesting, innovative tracks you may never have heard before.


1. Bix Sixes – The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands To Do
“I’m devoted to being hopeless but you barely noticed/You hands are like knives and your eyes are like locusts” twitches Big Sixes’ singer over a frenetic tropical beat, that bursts forth into an addictive chorus. It brings to mind everyone from Vampire Weekend to the early work of the Libertines whilst retaining a introspective edge of authenticity. This FREE DOWNLOAD ‘The Devi Makes Work For Idle Tongues’(below) is a cracking introduction to this mysterious Bedfordshire three piece.

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2. The Love Language – Pedals

Following recent shows supporting Arcade Fire in the US, The Love The Language just played their debut European shows. The one taster they’ve allowed to seap out to the public is the free download ‘Pedals’ below, a sweepingly tune that bares swooning choral hallmarks are brave and tender. Swelling through delicately arranged orchestration and collapsing into gloriously melodic cresendos not too dissimilar to the the early work of Arcade Fire or The Decemberists!

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3. And And And – Buy You

And And And makes driving, gritty, energetic indie rock songs infused with a classic DIY punk ethos and a penchant for experimental instrumentation. These recordings embody the emotional mess that is an And And And live show.

 4. Kindest Lines – Destructive Paths To Live Happily

Initially it appears obvious Louisiana’s Kindest Lines delicious reverb heavy lo-fi sound is inhabited with the ghosts of early Joy Division and The Cure. But somewhere on their debut long player Covered in Dust they settle on a feminine draped sound that’s somewhat more individual. Somehow reassembling the dark post punk era and flecks it with hints at disco sound of the next decade.

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5. Brontide – Matador

Sprawlingly magnificent post rock instrumentalists from Brighton Brontide released their debut album ‘Sans Souci’ on the 30th of May on Holy Roar Records. To celebrate they are gave away the track ‘Matador.’

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6. Knesset – Steady Hands

KNESSET are a shoegaze American band, based in and between Phoenix and Los Angeles. Producing shattering waves of cinematic walls of noise, and impressively lingering, epic lyrical narratives that reach inside your ribcage and grab you by the heart….

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7. An Axe – Love, My Evil

One minute and twenty six seconds. I can barely make a cup of tea in that time. That in that space of time Bristolian dramatists An Axehave produced a mini melodrama is testament to the quality of their work. “Love, My Evil” – and its instrumental counterpart “Let Law Be Upheld” – is a stellar single.

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8. Little Arrow – Aeroplane

West Wales outfit Little Arrow are that rare thing, a genuinely heartwarming group informed by an ancient folk tradition but not consumed by it. An act seemingly completely oblivious to the prevailing trends, making music for the sake of expression and in an attempt to affect the listener.Their fine album ‘Music, Masks & Poems’released earlier this year on the quality Cardiff inprint Bubblewrap is the product of a genuinely communal effort(made up of friends and family members, including Margret Hughes his mother who provides a comforting female tone in the ether throughout).

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9. Plant Plants – Hands That Sleep

New duo, Plant Plants release their new self titled debut EP on the 20th of June. It’s produced by Jas Shaw(one half of SMD’s production team) and released on This Is Music new imprint, Less Music. It’s four tracks exhibit their skillful creativity for blending glorious harmonies with electronic rhythms and organic hip hop samples.

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10. papercranes – Sea Red

Anchored by lead singer and songwriter, Rain Phoenix, and flanked by her revolving cast of collaborators, papercranes, released their second album in the UK on the 11th July via Manimal Vinyl(Bat For Lashes, Warpaint, Sister Crayon). Download the seething rhythms and raw vocal power of ‘Sea Red’ below, it’s awesome!

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11. AutoKratz – A -Train

autoKratz have second album SELF HELP FOR BEGINNERS is an innovative journey through dark electronic pop, hands-in-the-air garage techno and carefully nurtured moments of beauty featuring guests Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order), Andrew Innes (Primal Scream) and Jagz Kooner. Download the album track ‘A-Train’ below.

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12. Super Man Revenge Squad – The Summer We Finally Cut Our Hair

Ben Parker(Superman revenge Squad,Nosferatu D2 ) has sent us a track-by-track guide through their cult classic album ‘We’re Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise’ (which was later released on Audio antihero). It was loosely written as an anniversary to their formation and split(both in June). Enjoy:

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13. Andy Petr – Drinking Milk From His Hands 

Electronic boy genius Andy Petr, is a 19-year old bedroom producer. Prolific beyond his years, Milwaukee native Andy Petr recently signed with Brooklyn-based Mixpak records and released his debut album Rapper Turned Singer EP on May 10th. Andy’s profuse output of intricate chops doesn’t stop there.

He is also delivering a spate of free EPs which APD004 being the first. The trilogy of EPs will feature original material as well as heavy reworkings of some of his favorite rap songs. Sample one of his innovative tracks below.

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14. Oax – Love And Crashing

  After four years of heavy touring schedules with Bishop Allen and The Rosebuds, it was time to leave New York and head back South to his home of Houston, TX. Not the hippest city in the country, but that was sort of the point. What started as a open-ended hiatus from music and a venture into graduate school in architecture at Rice University, it didn’t take too long before Giorgio Angelini started writing music again. Oh, and there was a break-up, of course. What record worth it’s weight in wax hasn’t been seeded by a good ol’ fashioned heart ripping? Distance is, indeed, a killer.Oax is the result. The name coming from the seemingly endless canopy of live oak trees that covers Houston like a carpet. Not native to Houston, the trees were planted by early settlers as a way to provide shelter from the punishing Texas sun. And lucky enough, they managed to thrive like weeds in the swampy bayou soup of Houston soil.

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15. Laura Stevenson & The Cans – Master Of Art
As some of the finest musicians Brooklyn has to offer, it’s hard to believe Laura Stevenson & The Canshaven’t  achieved the epic fame their music demands.
 They can jump from subtle folk, to bluegrass, to rock, to punk and back again within the bat of an eyelid. Stevenson can manipulate her voice to sound kitsch and rabid at any one time; she can put out stars and light them back up again. I’d be unsurprised if she spends most of her time walking on her hands. One minute you’re listening to a leftfield take on acoustic music; the next you’re basked in a fervour that borders shouty, punchy hysteria. And it always works; there are never any flaws.

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16. Jonnie Common – Hand- Hand

Red Deer Club present their first album on vinyl “Master Of None’ from Glasgwegian Jonnie Common it gets a release on the 1st of August. Jonnie previously worked under the monniker Tiny Steps releasing records through the Fence Collective. A summerous collection of wondrously understated pop oddities, coming in at just over thirty minutes, at moments it understated charm reminds one of the quieter more modest moments of the National’s work.At others his twinkling instrumentals and quick fire, playful vocal ticks are wonderfully redolant of The Beta Band. Stream the entire album below.

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17. Inca Gold – Dark Moves

After a well received debut EP, Inca Gold I in February, London four piece Inca Gold released the second in a triptych for 2011, Inca Gold II  on 8th June on Color and Vision Records.

Ethereal vocals? Check? Keyboard bleeps? Swirling Psychedelia? Yep Cinematic atmosphere!? Yes sirrreee…. The equation for Inca Gold‘s wide screen soundscapes could appear in a book about ‘how to surf the zeitgeist in 2011′s all too cluttered music scene.’ But wait their formula doesn’t contain pretension of MGMT, the blandness of the xx, or the sheer annoyance of The Naked or the Famous! Inca’s modest lilting, dreamy refrains ghost their way into your brain like half remembered dreams of the past.

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18. Grant K Fennell -Three O’Clock

Starting out on the live circuit aged just 13, Grant K. Fennell has meticulously climbed his way up the musical ladder, fusing with psych, ska, garage and folk troupes along his way.

This isn’t because Fennell doesn’t want to shackle himself down to the restrictions of a singular genre – it is simply because he can’t. With tastes and influences as extensive as his (Flaming Lips, Nick Drake, Mastodon, Frank Zappa, Animal Collective, Van Morrison, Coheed and Cambria, Kate Bush, Queens of the Stone Age), Grant’s music is a sedimentary of sounds, with layers of prog, folk rock, hardcore, desert rock, country, even blaxploitation, forming the musical force that he is.

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