The Kinks announce 10 disc box set

the kinks


Unwavering titans of British music and rock’n’roll demigods The Kinks return with the first ever box set of its kind documenting their early prolific career – ‘The Kinks In Mono’ – on November 14th.

Inside this sensational Dansette-style 60s-esque case sit 10 digipak CDs and a 32-page retro-looking pop annual book with never-before-seen action shots and a lighthearted ‘Meet The Kinks’ introduction by Peter Doggett.

‘The Kinks In Mono’ features the following 7 classic albums;

‘Kinks’ (1964)
With canonical favourites ‘You Really Got Me’ and ‘Stop Your Sobbing’

‘Kinda Kinks’ (1965)
Featuring no.1 single ‘Tired Of Waiting For You’

‘The Kink Kontroversy’ (1965)
Offering highlights ‘Til The End Of The Day’ and ‘Where Have All The Good Times Gone’

Face To Face’ (1966)
Featuring ‘Dandy’, ‘House In The Country’ and ‘Sunny Afternoon’

‘Something Else By The Kinks’ (1967)
Highlights include ‘David Watts’, ‘Death Of A Clown’ and ‘Waterloo Sunset’

‘The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society’ (1968)
Includes ‘Picture Book’

‘Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire’ (1969)
With timeless hits ‘Victoria’ and ‘Australia’

The three bonus discs cover the following EPs; ‘Kinksize Session’ (1964), ‘Kinksize Hits’ (1964), ‘Kweyt Kinks’ (1965) and ‘Dedicated Kinks’ (1966) – and the two ‘Kollectables’ volumes make up nearly 40 of the band’s singles released outside of the UK.

Full tracklisting:

Disc 1 – ‘Kinks’ (1964)
1. ‘Beautiful Delilah’
2. ‘So Mystifying’
3. ‘Just Can’t Go To Sleep’
4. ‘Long Tall Shorty’
5. ‘I Took My Baby Home’
6. ‘I’m a Lover Not  Fighter’
7. You Really Got Me’
8. ‘Cadillac’
9. ‘Bald Headed Woman’
10. ‘Revenge’
11. ‘Too Much Monkey Business’
12. ‘I’ve Been Driving On Bald Mountain’
13. ‘Stop Your Sobbing’
14. ‘Got Love If You Want It’

Disc 2 – ‘Kinda Kinks’ (1965)
1. ‘Look For Me Baby’
2. ‘Got My Feet On The Ground’
3. ‘Nothin’ In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ Bout That Girl’
4. ‘Naggin’ Woman’
5. ‘I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight’
6. ‘Tired Of Waiting For You’
7. ‘Dancing In The Street’
8. ‘Don’t Ever Change’
9. ‘Come On Now’
10. ‘So Long’
11. ‘You Shouldn’t Be Sad’
12. ‘Something Better Beginning’

Disc 3 – ‘The Kink Kontroversy’ (1965)
1. ‘Milk Cow Blues’
2. ‘Ring The Bells’
3. ‘Gotta Get The First Plane Home’
4. ‘When I See That Girl Of Mine’
5. ‘I Am Free’
6. ‘Til The End Of The Day’
7. ‘The World Keeps Going Round’
8. ‘I’m On An Island’
9. ‘Where Have All The Good Times Gone’
10. ‘It’s Too Late’
11. ‘What’s In Store For Me’
12. ‘You Can’t Win’

Disc 4 – ‘Face To Face’ (1966)
1. ‘Party Line’
2. ‘Rosie Won’t You Please Come Home’
3. ‘Dandy’
4. ‘Too Much On My Mind’
5. ‘Session Man’
6. ‘Rainy Day In June’
7. ‘A House In The Country’
8. ‘Holiday in Waikiki’
9. ‘Most Exclusive Residence For Sale’
10. ‘Fancy’
11. ‘Little Miss Queen Of Darkness’
12. ‘You’re Looking Fine’
13. ‘Sunny Afternoon’
14. ‘I’ll Remember’

Disc 5 – ‘Something Else by The Kinks’ (1967)
1.‘David Watts’
2.’Death Of A Clown’
3.’Two Sisters’
4.’No Return’
5.’Harry Rag’
6.’Tin Soldier Man’
7.’Situation Vacant’
8.’Love Me Till The Sun Shines’
9.’Lazy Old Sun’
10.’Afternoon Tea’
11.’Funny Face’
12.’End Of The Season’
13.’Waterloo Sunset’

Disc 6 – ‘The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society’ (1968)
1.’The Village Green Preservation Society’
2.’Do You Remember Walter’
3.’Picture Book’
4.’Johnny Thunder’
5.’Last Of The Steam Powered Trains’
6.’Big Sky’
7.’Sitting by The Riverside’
8.’Animal Farm’
9.’Village Green’
11.’Phenomenal Cat’
12.’All Of My Friends Were There’
13.’Wicked Annabella’
14. ‘Monica’
15. ‘People Take Pictures Of Each Other’

Disc 7 – ‘Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire’ (1969)
2.’Yes Sir, No Sir’
3.’Some Mother’s Son’
6. ’Australia’
8.’Mr Churchill Says’
9.’She’s Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina’
10.’Young And Innocent Days’
11.’Nothing To Say’

Disc 8 – ‘Kinksize Session’ (1964), ‘Kinksize Hits’ (1964) ‘Kywet Kinks’ (1965) ‘Dedicated Kinks’ (1966) EPs
1.’Louie Louie’
2.’I Gotta Go Now’
3.’Things Are Getting Better’
4.’I’ve Got That Feeling’
5.’You Really Got Me’
6.’It’s Alright’
7.’All Day And All Of The Night’
8.’I Gotta Move’
9.’Wait Til The Summer Comes Along’
10.’Such A Shame’
11.’A Well Respected Man’
12.’Don’t You Fret’
13.’Dedicated Follower Of Fashion’
14.’Till The End Of The Day’
15.’See My Friends’
16.’Set Me Free’

Disc 9 -‘The Kinks Mono Kollectables’ (Vol.1)
1.’Long Tall Sally’
2.’You Still Want Me’
3.’You Do Something To Me’
4.’Beautiful Delilah’
5.’I’m A Lover Not A Fighter’
6.’Bald Headed Woman’ (US mix)
7.’Ev’rybody’s Gonna Be Happy’
8.’Who’ll Be The Next In Line’
9.’I Need You’
10.’Never Met A Girl Like You Before’
11.’Sittin’ On My Sofa’
12.’I’m Not Like Everybody Else’
13.’Dead End Street’
14.’Big Black Smoke’
15.’Act Nice And Gentle’
16.’Autumn Almanac’


Disc 10 – ‘The Kinks Mono Kollectables’ (Vol.2)
1.’Afternoon Tea’
2.’Susannah’s Still Alive’
5.’Lincoln Country’
6.’There’s No Life Without Love’
8.’She’s Got Everything’
9.’Hold My Hand’
10.’Creeping Jean’
11.’Plastic Man’
12.’King Kong’
13.’Mindless Child Of Motherhood’
14.’This Man He Weeps Tonight’
15.’Australia’ (Australian single version)
16. ‘Lola’
17.’Berkeley Mews’
20.’Apeman’ (European single version)

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