Funeral Suits – Health (Modern Pleasures / Tri-Tone)


Clamp on those headphones, turn up those speaks and be prepared to be overwhelmed with delicious sounds from Funeral Suits new single, Health. This has been lifted from their as yet un-named debut album and this 4-piece band will take you on a journey you will never forget.

As you first play this single your ears are hit with the original song, Health. See this as a game of jenga, every sound has been carefully placed and crafted in this song with a lot of thought gone into it. If one section were to be removed the song would not stand as tall and proud as it does now. Each instrument carries the song in various ways; the incredible guitar sounds help emphasis the vocals in the chorus while the drums help create this epic marching beat that you can feel being pumped throughout your entire body. The bass makes a stand out appearance throughout the verses and pre-choruses with some dazzling effects used on it. With the bass carrying this section of the song, the guitarist is able to continue doing what he does best, playing some out of this world riffs! Exceptional vocals, driving drum beats, in your face guitar riffs and dirty bass sounds… what’s not to like about this track?

Your then lead onto a remix of Health by Toby Kaar where the song has had a complete remake; be prepared to have the ultimate chill out session. As you begin the song your transported to another world; wind chimes are heard, rain is gracefully falling from the sky and you feel in a trance. Various effects and electronic sounds have mutated this song into something beautiful where the vocals appear more in control. As the song hits the half way marker, the drums are lifted out of the ground and create a beautiful toe-tapping beat for all to enjoy. When the song ends you’re snapped out of a 5mintue trance immediately and left thinking… it should have been longer!

Funeral Suits have created a stunning single for all to listen too. They create sounds that some couldn’t even imagine, and with a remix that compliments the song so well, this single is a must! Funeral Suits do not compose music; instead, they have gone to the next level and created art for your ears.



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