Twin Sister – Gene Ciampi (Domino)














Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Twin Sister and their new single ‘Gene Ciampi’, which is… interesting to say the least! It definitely stands out from the crowd, is very unique and possibly similar to something Kate Bush would knock out! This will not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you give it a chance… it does kind of grow on you!





There is an old country western feel to the song when it first begins, with fantastic sounding drums and a driving bass, but then the vocals come in the entire track seems to change. It’s a very unique way of singing, and is not to everyone’s taste. She almost sings in a haunting banshee kind of way. While the haunting vocals are overpowering the track and distracting many listeners, it’s amazing to actually hear what’s going on with the instruments, it’s as if the music itself has been pulled out of a country and western musical.




Whatever is said about this track it will always be like marmite. People will either love it or hate it. There are no inbetweeners when it comes to Twin Sister. Personally, after listening to the single for a few times, the song (and band) have actually began to grow on me! I was surprised more than anyone else! So, take a trip into the world of Twin Sister and have a listen to ‘Gene Ciampi’ and find out whether you love it or hate it!



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