Don Broco – We’re On Holiday

Don Broco Were On Holiday

Bedford band Don Broco released new song “We’re On Holiday”, which is the B side to their prior single “Dreamboy”. This track was released at the perfect time of the year, when the summer was near its end and people around the UK were all dreading the return to work or school and I should know as I was one of those individuals.

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“We’re On Holiday” is yet another perfect single that Don Broco have written, recorded and released all on their own due to the fact they are one of Britain’s greatest unsigned bands. The lyrics, which are written by Don Broco’s very own Rob Damiani, are always catchy in every one of their songs and they show off the vocalist’s very decent singing voice and his proper Londoner accent. The line “though remember to bring my lips to drink and to kiss with” indicates the cheeky and boyish side of him in the song, making the girls fancy the pants off him.

The drums are great especially when Matt Donnelly starts ‘attacking’ the cymbals at 2:07 because it gives the song a bit of an effect and sounds fantastic when you listen to it full volume via ear/headphones. Also, it sounds quite quick to play but this makes me want to learn it on drums so I can show off to Don Broco whenever I next see them in person, which is hopefully very, very soon. Bass is performed by Luke Rayner and 2 minutes into the song, he starts to show off his skills with a little solo, which makes me do this weird jumping dance thing-it’s way too hard to explain so I won’t attempt to. The guitar-played by Simon Delaney, has a mixture of fast and slow pace, which blend well with the lyrics, Rob’s hot voice, Matt on drums and Luke’s bass. I might actually ask if Simon is willing to tutor me individually so I can play this song as well as him. At the end of the song, every member including the drummer sing “It’s alright we’re on holiday” in a much quieter tone of voice, which actually gives the song a pretty good effect to end with.

It’s a great track to go mental to every day of the year because Don Broco show you that you don’t need to go on a foreign getaway to have an epic time, it just depends who you spend it with. “We’re On Holiday” is an all-round catchy song, which has major input from every member of Don Broco as they all work together to produce the best material with brilliant composition every time for their fans-also known as ‘Brocans’. Though this is my favourite track of the summer, even now nearing the beginning of November and listening to this song either makes me want to book a holiday abroad (with money I don’t have) or just wishing this British weather would make its bloody mind up.

Have a listen to this song and even watch their video that goes along with it, it’s brilliant and shows that this small town band have an amazing fan base and defiantly look like they’re going to go far. I hope so because I love this band so much and I want them to make it to the big time.



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