Track Of The Day #27: Cats On Fire – A Different Light


Finland isn’t famous for a whole lot, other than being bloody cold and full of alcoholics. On the music front, Finnrock spews out gallons of power/symphonic metal bands that are of little or no interest to the rest of the World. Today I am here to report a notable exception. It’s a band with the wonderful name of Cats On Fire(*) and they play music far removed from metal. It’s indie pop, which I know is also a big turn off for many of you, but these guys create such a beautiful lush sound, I want you to listen up. Their excellent new album “All Blackshirts To Me” is just out and if this really is your bag you could do a whole lot worse than check out the rest of the Matinée where they’re slowly cornering the market.

* More TC faction for you – On 4th June every year, Finland celebrates the birthday of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, who killed lots of rascals during the Second World War. During the Continuation War in 1944, Mannerheim thwarted a potential Russian invasion by setting hundred of cats on fire and sending them towards the advancing troops, who promptly retreated, believing they were being attacked by demons. The annual celebrations nowadays are often disrupted by animal activist groups.

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