Track Of The Day #32: Stawberry Whiplash – Stop, Look And Listen

You will hopefully recall the Cats On Fire track from a while ago and today another sugar-coated band from the Matinée label. They are Strawberry Whiplash and for those of you who remember Lush and think they were a better band than they had credit for, well you will like Strawberry Whiplash. The older members of this gathering will also remember The Shangri-Las and they are also clearly an influence. Hailing from Glasgow, Laz McLuskey drives things and records such as Bubblegum Lemonade, releasing a cracking album last year, “Sophomore Release”. Back to Strawberry Whiplash however, and they have released a few singles/EPs over the last four years and now, hot off the presses, is the debut album “Hits In The Car”. British Summertime officially starts today and the attached slice of dream pop should encourage you to look forward to some carefree days in the sun, even if today’s weather suggests otherwise.


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