The Future Shape of Sound - Number One

The Future Shape of Sound – Number One


Number one is the latest release from The Future Shape of Sound’s (TFSOS) EP Eleven 59. The actual CD comes in the shape of a retro vinyl record which I thought was really cool. There is an unusually large amount of people on this track; at first I thought it wouldn’t really work because I wouldn’t know who were who and the song could’ve got lost behind all the different voices but when the song kicked in those thoughts faded because every voice, every instrument
made the song the amazing way it is. Number One is a very catchy song that you just won’t get out of your head after you’ve listened to it once. On the track, Arnie Hjorvar from The Vaccines collaborates with TFSOS playing the double bass which really is a great addition and keeps the beat and pace of the song. When you have everyone playing their instruments or singing at the same time it really does make you feel like you’re part of something special and caught in a magical moment. I would almost describe it as entrancing and captivating and is definitely my favourite song
from the album. It is officially out now to download, so go
hurry up and purchase it.


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