The Month Ahead – Warblings Of A Grumpy Old Man 2

The Month Ahead – Warblings Of A Grumpy Old Man


It’s officially Autumn now people, as British Summer Time ends soon, so you are permitted to make preparation to become a manic depressive. All the festivals are long forgotten unless you live in Cheltenham. There they have the Walk The Line Festival, with Johnny Foreigner and a barrow load of nobodies performing in a couple of pubs to a bunch of folk who have nothing better to do, but then that’s probably why they live in Cheltenham.

New album releases start to get a bit thin too, with the debut album by The Winter Olympics my personal highlight, although you’ve never heard of them of course. Muse release the seventeenth Queen album and Papa Roach only their seventh, although it seems many more. Stone Sour will implode with the first of two concept albums and All Time Low will probably release just that. Van Morrison releases his 34th album, so you can go and dig out his last good one – the third one from

If you crave entertainment outside of music you could do worse than check out the Birmingham Comedy Festival. If you’re a movie buff, there’s the BFI London Film Festival and if you just want to pig out, London also has a Chocolate Week, which will be honoured in the West Ham v Arsenal game with the pre-match handshake being replaced by a display of Cadbury’s Cream Egg eating. Not too much else happening on the sports front, unless you live in the USA, so a great opportunity to have a
pop at our buddies from across the pond.

They have ‘majors’ in most of their sports, but the rest of the World doesn’t understand them guys, sorry, so we’re not interested. We have also inherited the tasteless celebration of Halloween from you lot for some reason , although maybe that was the Scots. On a positive note, the USA does have
National Fire Prevention Week coming up, so hopefully our Middle Eastern friends will be saved from bombing for a short period.

I do hope I’ve managed to upset more than just folk from Cheltenham and the US this month but, if not, I will try harder next time round.

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